Friday, March 11, 2016

Freeing Law Dean Libido from the Shackles of Liberalism

There's trouble in Cali.
University of California at Berkeley School of Law Dean Sujit Choudhry has resigned in the wake of a sexual harassment complaint, school officials announced Thursday.
Tyann Sorrell, a former executive assistant to Choudhry, claims that from September 2014 to March 2015, he sexually harassed her with kisses to the cheeks, bear hugs and repeatedly rubbing her shoulders and arms...
First of all, a law dean rubbing shoulders and kissing cheeks isn't sexual.  Everyone knows that when a law dean gets sexual, more than the shoulders get rubbed.  Somewhere there's a minor earthquake, a brief power outage, an unexplained blip on the radars of scientists.  All that core energy has to go's science.

In any event, did we learn nothing from Larry Mitchell saga?  For those who don't recall, or just don't want to remember because of the trauma, Larry Mitchell is the former Case Western dean who understood that law degrees were fucktastic and that a private law school education is the surefire way to make one live the high life.  Then some silk sheets and some pesky strict constructionists (constrictionists?) got in the way and the next thing we knew, legal education lost a valiant soldier and oddly creepy Youtube poetry had gained a poetaster.

Do we really want that to happen again?  Do we?  Haven't we let ideas of liberalism and equality and "safe" employment run so wild that we're now stultifying the greatness of the true alpha?

Law deans are a different species.  They have to be high energy to lasso in the lemmings, even at a school like Cal.  They're some of the most accomplished, dynamic people in the country.  If their bang-bang personality sometimes spills over into riding the underlings roughly or being touchy and/or feely with students, staff, or non-tenured faculty, so be it.  This isn't blaming the victim, but rather recognizing the standard occupational hazard of working in a white collar feedlot with a Machiavellian-by-necessity CEO.

Basically, don't go to law school if you don't want to get fucked.  #FreeLawDeanLibido


  1. Why didn't he just purchase a Penthouse Letters magazine, lock his bedroom door, turn off the lights, pull down the shades and get into bed and crawl under two covers with a flashlight and a sock.... Instant relief and get on with your day. Guess he never saw Vacation, "Bop your Baloney." At his salary too....welcome to Solo practice.

  2. Most law profs are just blowhards. But Sujit gets blown. Hard.

    Sexy devil.

  3. Can you post a link so I can forward my resume? With the economy creating 250K jobs per month, maybe there is only be 4,000 attorney applicants for the gig instead of 6,500.

  4. It's pathetic that what's left of the academy is so degenerate and unreal that running a disingenuous scam is not what causes resignation but a miserable back rub with a miserable woman...

  5. Like so many problem deans, Sujit was hired to position a bloated law school to ride the wave of the future. That would be international law, for those who haven't recently been sold a $280,000 law degree.

    But someone, possibly Sujit, neglected to inform the search committee that international law is a 24/7 orgy. Oh well.