Monday, October 26, 2015

When the Seventh Seal Opened, There Cameth a Parade of Honda Civics with Opinionated Drivers

Happy Monday, law school scammers!  

This is the LSTC Morning Show letting you vent all those valuable opinions you have as you drive in to enjoy the rightful fruit of ignorance for being well-positioned in life.  Remember, opinions are like butts; you've all got 'em, and I want to lick every single one connected to a mind that reads the paper of record.

Now, yesterday, the New York Times ran an article that basically echoed the ramblings of Crazy Campos.  I know you're all chomping at the bit to opine on this liberal spillage, so let's put on some light jazz and hit the phonelines.

Here's Jack in California:
Do these "students" do any homework? How many minutes of Internet research does it take to find the pass/fail rates of students in these law schools? How much research does it take to discover the average income of lawyers, the job prospects for lawyers, the odds of passing the bar, etc?
Amen, brotha.  With accurate information at the click of the mouse (much of it put out by schools themselves), these lazy cats deserve what's comin' to 'em.  It's not like the schools put out intentionally misleading disinformation or anything, just the awesome truth of the million-dollar degree.

Thanks for calling. Now here's Lynn:
Graduation from a good law school can prepare one to do any job that requires critical thinking, diligent preparation, public speaking, and/or wise judgment....
Taking on student debt is a gamble just like taking on a mortgage or a car loan or at the national level, war debt.
 That's right, Lynn, it's just like those other debts.  These law grads should use some of that "diligent preparation" and "wise judgment" and get themselves a job to pay back that debt, just like you would if you had a million dollar housing investment scheme go bust.

Let's go to Bryan in motherfuckin' Canada:
Your analysis leads to the profoundly illogical conclusion that somehow the will of these gullible students to resist law school allure has been overcome by predatory, profit-seeking law schools. Are they children? Please.....
 Whoa, wicked burn, Spock! Your command of logic is outstanding. Now let's go to Tim in New York:
Where is the culpability of the student, who, after receiving a pathetic LSAT score, fails to say him or herself "maybe I am not cut out to be a lawyer and shouldn't incur $150k of debt" (thereby proving again that they aren't capable of being in a profession requiring logic skills )?
 When we're faced with a Catch-22, blame the decision-maker and not the one who put the absurd system in place.  Timmy, I like the cut of your jib. Go Mets!

Next we have wsf (surely not a real name) calling in from Michigan.  What's on your mind, bro?
We are a nation of laws so we need lots of lawyers. It would seem to me that some of our lawyers should be smart enough to know how to provide us with a law that would prevent this law school debt crisis.
If only!  Unfortunately, no one has been able to come up with a single law or policy change that would stop the federal government from writing prospective students a black check ticket to whatever degree they least not one that keeps the good schools in business and doesn't deprive impoverished minorities of vital education.  If anyone can come up with anything that is fair and equitable to all parties and allows college administrators to continue eating the ass of the piggybank, let us know!

Finally, here's Beverly in Florida:
The answer is to give students FREE tuition in exchange for 10 years of work as a lawyer for the public sector. Those willing to do the pro bono work and the low paying work for low income clients deserve free tuition.
Well herpa derpa ding ding ding FREE, I think we just solved the problem.  That doesn't exist, of course, because all lawyers make bank over their lifetimes, but we solved the problem nonetheless!

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  1. Throwing money at the law schools - in the form of federally-backed student loans - really solved the problem, huh?!?! Imagine if they hadn't done that, people. Hell, tuition might really have SKYROCKETED! Oh wait. Doing that, it reached ludicrous levels.