Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rosy Future for Law School Admissions!

Finally, some news that gives me faith in the future of the law and legal education!
The Kaplan Test Prep’s 2015 survey of admissions officers at 120 law schools across the United States found that nearly nine in 10 (88 percent) of law school admissions officers predict that they are going to see an increase in applications, and they are confident that their law schools will see a spike for the 2015-2016 application cycle...
Jeff Thomas, director of pre-law programs for Kaplan Test Prep said: “Something feels different about this application cycle to law school admissions officers, and those sentiments are backed up by some key data points regarding the number of LSAT takers.
Hurrah to the Huzzah!

It's sort of like when you're a hip, single guy cruisin' the scene and you keep gettin' shut down - for five years in a row - because word got out that your "95k salary" is actually 45k and most of the women you've dated somehow wind up with incurable career herpes.  Even after several years of striking out, one night, you walk into that bar and suddenly "something feels different." You're going to score.  Maybe the gals have accepted that they simply can't do any better than a woman-using reprobate who leaves his victims with nondischargable debts. Maybe so many people now have career herpes that no one cares anymore. Maybe the scene has changed enough the half-truths are working again.

Who cares? They're interested, and the Bar just restocked the dispensers in the bathroom. You're white collar; fortune was going to turn around at some point.  Every gambler is due a hot streak, and it's time for Mr. Legal Education to come roaring back.  We don't yet have the empirical proof that law school is, in fact, roaring back, or that the right people are going to apply and take the offers, but damn it, what the law needs is more conclusions determined by gut instinct and wishful thinking.

Nine in ten law school administrators can't be wrong, can they?


  1. Given LSAC's demonstrated willingness to fudge the numbers due to declining applications over the same years, I'm sure the data will prove these administrators "right" somehow, creating a "virtuous feedback loop."

    Kind of like Wall Street and the Fed.

  2. Call me crazy, but I think they should expand LLMs and create a full, three-year, post-J.D. degree.

  3. Just talk to any currently practicing lawyer not in a guvmint job. We will tell you the truth. The market is grossly over saturated. Like I posted on Nando's blog, my income as a 25 year solo is lower middle class. No matter how hard I hustle, work, get my name out there and network, everybody has their "guy." Meaning lawyer. It is a buyers market. One attorney I know is drinking himself into the ground because after 32 years he has no work. Another guy is suffering from major depression because he is in the legal job market after 30 years out and is one of hundreds of resumes per opening. Today, my family receives public assistance. I never envisioned that at my 1990 law hooding ceremony! It sucks man!

  4. Don't let any law Dean or FULL time professor tell you that law school will lead to work and or a good paying law job. Granted, Law School is a great education. However, expect to struggle financially with 200K in loans, and hundreds and hundreds of applicants per opening. You will be competing with veterans from big law, solos from shit law who have no work since 2006 and laid off govmint prosecutors and public defenders. It is brutal and has been since 2007. It is getting worse.