Friday, October 23, 2015

Crazy Campos Continues Curmudgeonry

Just when we sane readers of upstanding, industry- and hierarchy-friendly news think it's safe to open our browsers, Professor Paul Campos, a/k/a "Crazy Campos" ("CC"), is back, his ongoing efforts surely an exercise in training for Monty Python's Twit Olympics, or maybe it's all a gigantic ruse put up by some clever, puckish law professor with multidisciplinary abilities and an impressive publication recordIn any event, one might need five "CCs" of something potent to make it through this dribble.

In any event, he's back at railing against InfiLaw and bar passage results, as if that's really a legitimate issue for law faculties who are saving the world one footnote at a time:
Bar-passage rates at the InfiLaw schools are now in a free fall.
The InfiLaw schools’ bar-passage numbers are almost certain to get even worse. Although the schools reduced their admissions standards drastically in 2012, they have since cut them further, to the point where they are now admitting huge numbers of students with credentials including lower LSAT scores and GPAs that would have barred them from getting into these schools three years ago.  The admissions process at the InfiLaw schools is now close to a fully open-enrollment system, that inevitably matriculates many people who have little chance of ever passing a bar exam.
CC has apparently never read about the million dollar premium.  Yet again, let's go over this.  People who get law degrees make shit-tons of money, okay?  Whether they pass the bar or not is irrelevant because they can always go out and get one of those super-duper JD Advantage jobs that pay $90k to anyone with a JD, a white shirt collection, and a comfy 9-5 time slot.  InfiLaw is doing these kids a massive favor by letting them into the elite club.  They get bonus points when they admit poor minorities.

Of course, CC just can't keep his wild opinions - not supported by the law review literature - to InfiLaw schools.  He has to take the piss out of pure non-profits, too:
The only difference between these schools and the InfiLaw group is that most of them waited a year or two longer before reducing their admissions standards in response to plummeting application numbers, and that therefore it will take another year or two before this is reflected in the national bar-exam results.
...That's, of course, only if Erica Moeser continues her conspiratorial rampage that victimizes hard-working students who should be greenlit through the bar process so that schools can boast about something that doesn't really matter since all their students are getting rich...or something.

There's some other stuff about regulatory capture and law schools being predatory and the endangerment of American taxpayers, but it's hard to ignore that CC and others like him believe in a world that's too conveniently rational

Sure, the pieces of the puzzle fit together, but who wants to live in a black-and-white world when one can simultaneously believe that law degrees statistically make graduates rich at the same time courts are pitching those graduates' lawsuits because the graduates were sophisticated consumers who fell for an obvious sham?  Who wants to live in a world where falling bar passage rates are the natural consequence of open enrollment when you can buy penny stock in a conspiracy theory and try to sell the idea that the 2015 class is comparable to the 2010 class despite a lack of empirical evidence supporting the idea?  More importantly, why believe in reality when it threatens the bottom line?

I'll tell you who, a damned crazy curmudgeon.


  1. Reality needs a stern professorial admonishment to stop being so insolent.

  2. "Cor," he exclaimed, in his best English accent.

  3. corny. LS gravy is coming to a halt. it is what it is. wasn't rocket science.

    1. the only rocket here is the one shooting to the moon as a metaphor for all the cash one can make with a Juris Doctor.

  4. Oh man. where's the simkovic AALs propaganda machine when you need it?

  5. These for profit law schools and many traditional law schools that lower admission standards to fill seats, will continue to have a steady supply of students. It's not because they are dumb either. They will appeal to graduates of no name, lowly colleges like Central Iowa Torah University or Phoenix that are now employed as managers at Walmart, District Managers at Wendys or any number of retail/food establishments. They work 80 hours per week at irregular hours and are on call and on major holidays. They earn 40-45K per year. With law school open enrollment, they too can become a LAWYER! Why work nasty, brutish hours when you can work 40-50 hours per week as a solo and earn the same money. Might as well be a LAWYER! Especially with IBR and loan foregiveness.