Thursday, July 2, 2015

Underrated Law Schools: As Sexy as a NIssan Sentra

Knowing what's "underrated" is good.  It means you're sharper than the next guy, and nothing is more American than having an edge on your capitalist comrade.  Whether it's canned salmon or podiatrists, why pay a premium when there are overlooked items just as good?

Yesterday, Prof. Brophy of UNC published his list of underrated law schools and, there to take the scrumptious bait, is Natalie Kitroeff
Brophy’s simple accounting looks at students’ employment outcomes, their median scores on the Law School Admission Test, and the number of citations that a school’s law review receives.
KISS: Keep It Stupidly Silly.

Can't think of anything he missed; it's not like Brophy left any $264,000 questions unanswered.

You'll have to go to the link to see the full list, but let me just say that any law school ranking that includes Albany is a good ranking in my book.
What’s more, Brophy found that in the middle of the pool—schools ranked from 15 to 150 on his list—there wasn’t very much variation in performance. 

“The difference between a Toyota Corolla and a Nissan Sentra isn’t that great. That’s the analogy I would make,” says Brophy.
Why, yes, similarly-priced, efficient, compact Japanese compact sedans that revolutionized the American auto market.  The perfect analogy in oh so many ways, such as the monthly payments being super-affordable and that people who drive gas-guzzling luxury degrees will be super-jealous.

Why, indeed, I notice many lawyers choose to drive early 2000s Toyota Carollas even though they obviously could afford a much better ride with that million-dollar Campbell Law degree.


  1. How in the hell did Third Tier Drake not make the list?!?! After all, it was considered a "best buy" toilet by none other than the NaTTTional Juri$TTT.

    By the way, I see that Vanillanova came in at 10th "best"/underrated. Apparently, gaming the UGPA and LSAT numbers and getting caught - and also having a dean who likes hookers - is an asset. Also, University of Idaho Commode of Law made the listing. Remember, this place took in 55 second and third year students at Concordia Law, after that insTTTTTiTTTTTuTTTTTion failed to gain provisional accreditation last year. Yes, that is the hallmark of an elite law school, right?!?!

  2. A pretty amazing study by the good professor-take three utterly unrelated and essentially meaningless statstics(ok, the jobs data is important, but the other two-HUH?), feed to a doofus yahoo writer=and PRESTO! YOu've got a headline abut a study which equates Campbell with Yale; solid research, yessir.

  3. Uh, so this is the same Bloomberg reporter who subsequently published, "IS IT TIME TO START SHUTTING DOWN LAW SCHOOLS?"

    If you haven't caught the drift yet, it's this: some women play all sides.

    1. It's a classic internet formula. Don't hate the player, hate the game.