Friday, July 10, 2015

The Call to Law School, Reprised: Catholic Version

Astute readers may remember that the Center's official position on Obergefell v. Hodges is that everyone needs to go to law school so that we can fight our biggest social battles with thousands of unread amicus briefs.

Well, friends, life hath imitated art.
“The great setbacks of our age in abortion, marriage and family have been legally driven. Legal solutions will be a necessary part of much needed reform,” Gillen pointed out. Additionally, “courageous lawyers will be needed” to “defend those who seek to speak the truth about the issues at the heart of the culture war.”

“If we concede the legal profession to those who do not hold our values, we endanger the law and the culture upon which it rests,” Milhizer added. “As we say at Ave Maria School of Law, we don’t need more lawyers; we need more good and faithful lawyers.”
Ave Maria feels persecuted.  No one, it seems, believes in the arch-Catholics' convenient reading of The Constitution.  The First Amendment is too damn strict, or something.  Indeed, these professors go so far as to blame other law schools for their persecution.  As one professor says, "[T]here are many institutions responsible for this corrosive process [of a morally obliterating America from within]—and chief among them are law schools."

Sounds like a scamblogger screed, don't it?  Indeed, politics makes strange bedfellows (side note: the scambloggers will likely want to pull out on this one).

The difference, of course, is that instead of bitching and moaning to random people on the internet, Ave Maria is actually making a difference by pandering to SuperCatholics (i.e., the ones who think Notre Dame is too secular) and pumping out lawyers into the remunerative field of religious activism.

Instead of graduates struggling in family law hell, Ave Maria strives to have its graduates struggle with never-bought arguments about families and hell.  You can't say that about Nova Whatever, Barry, or Florida A&M.

Really, in terms of a creative sales pitches amidst the diminishing popularity of law school, it's hard not to praise Ave Maria for this angle.  They took the call for diverse law schools to a whole new level. 

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