Wednesday, July 22, 2015

An Intimate, Low Cost Law School Experience

Imagine you go to law school at a "top" school.  In your 1L torts law class, you might have 60, 80, 100 students.  There's no way all of you can fit your tongues onto the professors' asses.

Now imagine a law school where you go to that same property class and it's just 19 other people.  Not just in your section, but in the entire class.  You'd get the exact same hands-on attention you got in high school geometry!  If you went to a podunk high school in western Nebraska!  Justice!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Indiana Tech:
“We would like to have 20 students in the incoming class, and that’s what we’re shooting for.”  As an added enticement, the university is giving 100-percent scholarships to every single student enrolled there next year.

“It shows the university’s and the board of trustees’ support for the law school and their belief in the law school, and we hope that’s going to incentivize students to stay,” Cercone said.
Top 5%?  Shit, you can be the entire top 5% by yourself!  Try doing that trick at Harvard.

If people want to criticize cheap and risky, so be it.  A test and some penicillin cost way less than thirty years of alimony payments.  One of two things is going to happen - either the school will make it and you'll all be rich lawyers or the school will fail pronto and you'll all get a closed school discharge.  If you're in the region and want to take a year's vacation rappin' it with 'dre, it's like a no-lose proposition here. Take out the max and live large in Fort Wayne.  Makes me wish I didn't already have my golden ticket, or I'd be on the next bus.

While I'm at it, is there an Infilaw angle here?  There's no better place for a repositioned crown jewel than Fort Wayne, Indiana, you know...


  1. Hell, if you are the top person in a 20 person class after first semester, you comprise the top 5 percentiles by yourself. And you should still drop out.

  2. "The Indiana Tech Law School offers optional concentrations in four areas:
    Advocacy/Dispute Resolution
    Global Law and Leadership
    Intellectual Property/Technology Law"
    Transactional Law"

    From their web page. The big advantage with 20 students is you can now actually have a concentration all to your special snowflake self. Imagine being the only idiot, er, I mean student concentrating in Global Law and Leadership from an unaccredited law school in the Midwest. You will be well-prepared academically and will have no problems pronouncing "frappuccino" to your prospective clients.

  3. What a dumb shit move!

    After 1 year, every damn student is asking himself why in the fuck he's paying tens of thousands of dollars to teach himself shit.

    Can't even sit for the bar with a JD from this shitepile!

    I'm sure their retention rate will be excellent even if they can find 20 people to waste a year of their lives.

  4. If you negotiate, I'd bet you can get more than 100%, especially if you have at lease so-so numbers. Hell, if I was 22 or 23, lived in Fort Wayne, and had no plans for the next year, I'd do it. You'd only have to put in an appearance once in a blue moon.

    1. If you could get a 12k or so "living stipend," along with some BS part-time job tending bar or something fun like that, you wouldn't even have to attend class every day, then jump in with many blessings. It would be like a working vacation.

    2. I wonder how much you could get out of them. Someone should pose as a potential applicant and see.