Friday, May 23, 2014

The InfiLaw Triumph Story, Cont'd: A Temporary Set-Back

The sale of the Charleston School of Law to a private, Florida-based company should be stopped, as the company's lower academic standards and lawsuits against it provide concerns about the company's health and the direction it would take the school, a majority of members on a state higher education panel said Monday. 
The Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, part of the state's Commission on Higher Education, voted 3-1 to reject recommending a license for InfiLaw to operate the law school.
Up yours, South Carolina.  In honor of the Memorial Day and the countless soldiers who have fallen so that YOU may enjoy world-class legal education at a rock-bottom price, I am going to provide a picture response:

I think the last time that meme was popular was like 2009, which is the last time there was any rationality in law school discussions.

Scam on, friends.  Still time to sign up for summer early entry programs and PLENTY of time to get the lemmings in for fall!


  1. Unlike the law school pigs, that Hitler meme at least serves a useful purpose.

  2. I wonder if the law professors have a bunker where they hang out when they're under attack. And if InfiScam takes over, that law school is going to look a lot like Berlin in 1945.