Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ne'er-Do-Wells Stall InfiLaw's South Carolina Triumph

A state regulatory panel delayed voting Thursday on InfiLaw’s request to buy the Charleston School of Law to allow it more time to review documents and public comments.
Charleston School of Law alumni and parents of students came to the meeting in Columbia. Some of them, along with Charleston officials, have decried the for-profit InfiLaw as a diploma mill.
What the fuck is wrong with you people?  Don't you have jobs?!  Why aren't you alumni out working like the rest of your classmates?  It's 99% employment after 9 months, get it?  That means you all were skipping work to boycott the growth of the law school that landed you those positions.

Ungrateful gits.

See, these jackwagons show up and suddenly the state commission freaks out.  "We can't handle a few letters."  You know who didn't submit harebrained papers?

The scores of Charleston Law graduates who are working hard and making big-time cash.

Surely they, like I, know that InfiLaw is the best option for the school's continued growth and excellence.  InfiLaw has resources, a faculty of gifted scholars, a wicked business model, and most importantly, InfiLaw cares.  Most American law schools are cutting to absurdly low levels while we have a critical shortage of justice.  InfiLaw still believes in pumping 'em out.  I mean, yeah, the big schools are dropping in enrollment thanks to "market correction," but the intent is obviously still there.

The helicopter parents of law students bitching about InfiLaw taking over is like the sheep complaining because the new shepherd is too damn good to them.

Like I said, ungrateful gits.


  1. "Some of them, along with Charleston officials, have decried the for-profit InfiLaw as a diploma mill."

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha....! Priceless.

  2. They should be happy to be taken over by Infilaw. Isn't Infilaw owned by Donald Sterling? He could buy South Carolina if he wants, so the school will be well funded