Thursday, May 15, 2014

The InfiLaw Manifest Destiny: The Charleston Saga, Cont'd

As previously reported, InfiLaw is fighting tooth and nail to expand its justice-wielding arms into South Carolina with the purchase of Charleston College of Law.

Unfortunately, a certain insolent minority dislikes InfiLaw and their practices of making law accessible to the 135 LSAT at a bargain rate.  Remember, these anti-progressive monopolists were also the first people to break away from The Union.  Like they can be trusted when it comes to evaluating positive changes.

ANYWAY, the present finds our heroes facing a penultimate hurdle in getting license approval from the state.  You may recall that the villains delayed the earlier rubber-stamping and NOW the commission will hold hearings TOMORROW and MONDAY and then vote afterwards.

And of course, the damning stain of villainy has sneaked into the Prestigious ranks of the faculty:
Last week, nine other faculty members joined Bridwell and Finkel in sending a letter to the commission, encouraging members not to support a license for InfiLaw. 
In the letter, faculty members said under InfiLaw, the school's sense of community would be replaced with "a culture of intimidation and fear." They also said InfiLaw schools had lower standards than those of the Charleston school. "We do not wish to see the Charleston School of Law mirror the admissions practices, attrition rates, transfer rates, or educational programs at the InfiLaw consortium schools," the letter stated.
Lies!  Misrepresentation!  Ignorantly Ironic Hypocrisy!  

As if that act of bastardry weren't enough, GET A LOAD OF THIS:
Charleston lawyer Capers Barr also sent a similar letter to the commission last week on behalf of a group of faculty members who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution. Barr did not specify how many faculty members he represented, but stated that a "super majority" of faculty members were opposed to a sale to InfiLaw.
WELL WELL WELL, if it's not anonymous speech from a bunch of cowards!  As we all know, anonymous criticism has absolutely no bearing whatsoever, particularly when it has no grounding in rationality or is not supported by proper credentials.  I bet they're adjuncts.

Who the hell hires a lawyer named "Capers," anyway?!  Was Mr. Shallots not taking clients?!

It's a public hearing.  If you're in Charleston and a friend of law school progress, please go and encourage members to vote YES on InfiLaw.

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