Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays; The Wise Men Bring You Gold, Frankincense, and Online Education

What does Santa Truth Center have in his gift bag for you little unemployed girls and boys?

How about innovation?  Innovation is causation for revelation of capitalismation that gives me boneration for penetration!

Daniel Rodriguez will be inaugurated as president of the Association of American Law Schools in early January. That'll happen at its annual meeting in New York.
A Monday statement from Northwestern University cites Rodriguez as saying that "legal education is at a crossroads." He adds that law school educators must learn to "think creatively and strategically" to manage "rapid change."
And no, "think creatively and strategically" does not mean "network" and "rapid change" does not mean "getting shitcanned," you smart-asses.  There will be coal in your stockings!

And wrap me with tinsel, look at the innovation! (website is terrible; sorry).
At William Mitchell, school administrators like Associate Dean Mehmet Konar-Steenberg, hope a new generation of learning helps bring students back and better prepares them for the job market
"There is so much history here in terms of innovation and so many firsts at this law school," Konar-Steenberg says. 
Now, Mitchell will soon offer the nation's first accredited hybrid law school program – a four-year option that students can take online and in-class. The program will be accredited by the American Bar Association, which means it has the same requirements, difficulty, rigor and cost as a traditional 3-year law school program taught mostly in the classroom.
A rigorous ABA-accredited online program!  Merry Christmas, folks in Frostbite Falls.  Law school just got easier to attend.  Previously, only 90% (approved accounting method used) of the American population lived within ninety of a ABA-stamped law school.  Now, everyone has one right on their laptop.

Think of all the firsts William Mitchell may have.  First online degree.  First Socratic Method meltdown over Skype.  First dude literally jackin' it through the entirety of law school instead of the rest of us, who only did it figuratively.

The sky's the limit, Mitchell.  Or should I say, bandwidth?

Keep churning out that innovation, law schools.  We'll stave off the tide reversal yet.  #TeamJDs4Everyone


  1. Will these online programs dock any applicant who posts a picture of his girlfriend's feet on his Personal Statement? Or will that be seen as a diversity admit?

  2. Let us celebrate the fact that we can charge the same amount of tuition without having to provide a facility for the students. The ABA again $ee$ the beauty of innovation

  3. In the present market, "rapid change" means scrapping as many intellectual standards as possible, and as quickly as possible. Then warm bodies can be shipped in to sign loan documents and fill the seats of formerly prestigious law schools like Northwestern.