Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nevertheless, Charlotte Persisted

I'm not saying it's misogynist for the fascist thugs to go after Charlotte School of Law before its gender neutral brethren siblings Coastal or Summit, but we're running out of arguments here, so... the ABA is a vast conspiracy in mansplaining...

Charlotte School of Law is however setting a first-rate example to our young girls on how to persist in the face of desolate futility.  Like the brave girl ready to be trampled by the Wall St. Bull or Sen. Warren showing off her ability to schoolmarm, it's persisting.
The for-profit Charlotte School of Law has been forced to stop accepting new students, and the faculty count has been reduced by about 70 percent. Only about 100 students remain enrolled, down from about 750.

But it’s still limping along. Summer school is currently underway, and fall classes are scheduled to start on Aug. 28.
Good speed, li'l' fighter!

Of course, you can set the best example in the world and still have people not follow it:
Hunter is concerned about getting a job with CSL on her record. She said she and other students are viewed as “damaged goods,” and some local law firms aren’t interested in hiring any CSL graduates, regardless of class rank.
Herrera said there were signs that the school wasn’t all that it was supposed to be. When he first enrolled at CSL in August 2015, Herrera said the bar exam passage rate was around 30 percent.

“It was an eye-opener that maybe something’s wrong here,” he said.
These students had the right idea in completely ignoring red flag after red flag.  But then - when their school needs them the most - they suddenly find favor with nonsense!


Charlotte has until August 1 to provide the UNC Board of Governors with proof of its financial viability and until August 10 to have the ABA approve its "teach-out" plan.  Do a sistah a solid, friendly citizens, and donate now.  Charlotte's persisting, just like the Million Dollar Express onto which its trying to cling.


  1. Seriously, someone needs to get the 100 remaining diehards into a room and ask "What the hell are you thinking?" as they are still attending, still paying(with whose money it isn't clear), even with all the information about how terrible a school Charlotte is...it beggars belief. These are the true Special Snowflakes; there's just no other explanation.

  2. Damaged goods? Ms. Hunter, you and your classmates were junk from the beginning.

    And why the hell did Mr. Herrera enroll at a toilet only 30% of whose graduates passed the bar exam? What was he thinking? Can he think? Apparently not: he is running for Charlotte's city council and also seeking to transfer to another law school, which would mean moving away from Charlotte—a course of action hardly compatible with joining the city council. (Conceivably he could have in mind to stay in law school only if he isn't elected, but that wouldn't show much seriousness about a legal career.)

  3. I just checked and the CSOL GoFundMe is going gangbusters. It's raised $10K more than I would have expected. https://www.gofundme.com/csl-students-living-expenses.

    Also, did you know CSOL has a Death Rowe Kitten Vaccine Fund? Started by a plucky, apparently now self-employed non-trad CSOL graduate, it's raised $380.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing those links, PresTTTige! Whoever throws money at that thing CSOL is an idiot for doing so. (The kittens, however, might be worthwhile; hey, at the least FURBALLS were smart enough not to go to law school, unlike its students.)
      This may sound cruel of me, but it never ceases to amuse me how crowdfunding pages for desperate law school graduates get put up, and then make so little. By contrast, I've seen 6-figure sums thrown at computer animators who dropped out of high school when they wind up in the hospital. Yes, let THAT thought run through your brains, everyone: The average person with Internet access and a bank account would rather give money to sick and injured (albeit highly talented) high school dropouts than law school graduates. If anyone wants, I can show what I mean.

    2. That profe$$or made the solicitation on behalf of the dean. In other words, the administration is cadging, ostensibly for money to go solely to living expenses.

      Of course, a dollar saved on living expenses is a dollar that can go to tuition, so this shameless cadging does support the law school indirectly.