Friday, July 28, 2017

Infilaw Continues The Scam's Courthouse Dynasty

As a too-proud member of the legal profession, I think lawyers should get championship rings when they win big cases.  Something to impress the ladies and leave for the handsome bastard children they expel.  If you're going to evade child support, may as well leave some spiffy jewels.

Were we to adopt such a spoils system, the lawyers for the law school scam would be weighed with more bling than Jordan, Kobe, and Duncan put together.  This is Bill Russell territory, old school dominance of the court where weak challengers would be wise to not even put on the uniform.

This week, these SuperLawyers got Infilaw's mafia bosses out of the bullshit lawsuit brought by Charlotte Law students
[Judge] Mullen found that the court has no jurisdiction over Sterling Entities.
“Plaintiffs make a feeble attempt in their opposition brief to tie the Sterling Defendants to their claims by vaguely citing their conduct related to the longterm financing and strategic goals of InfiLaw and the for-profit law school that it owned and operated in Charlotte, North Carolina,” Mullen notes in his order (PDF) for Krebs v. Charlotte School of Law (PDF). “Plaintiffs then, in a roundabout way, point to an allegation in the complaint that Sterling Entities were present at Charlotte School of Law after the Department of Education’s lack of recertification occurred as proof of sufficient connections.”
How do you like that International Shoe up your ass, ya louses?

Regardless of your opinion of  the personal jurisdiction issues (don't forget Burger King v. Rudzewicz!), it's hard to ignore the prodigious losing streak by those seeking to hold law schools accountable for "alleged" "misdeeds."  These would-be lawyers continuously and systematically lose before a single piece of discovery is answered.  It's like paying $60 for a video game and not getting past level 2.

The Million Dollar Express can make anyone disgustingly rich.  But if you can't get past the pleading stage against an evil empire or two, I'm not sure you have the intelligence to not, like, inexplicably fall off.  How do you folks even tie a tie without choking yourselves?  Buy clip-ons like a blue collar Joe going to a wedding in Paducah?

It boggles the mind.


  1. For $ome rea$on, the law schools keep touting their worthless environmental law program, student organizations, tertiary journals, homeless law clinics, location near courthouses. Then again, lemmings continue to believe that they will be special - despite their 145 LSAT score and placement in a TTTT school.

  2. I've read only the order, but it seems correct to me. I'm not surprised that the plaintiffs can't prepare competent pleadings.

  3. Private equity partnerships are always well-insulated legally from their portfolio companies. They hire only the best lawyers to draw up their deal documents so that the partnership is bulletproof to these kinds of lawsuits.

  4. Are the hooters here rooting for first tier white collar mob squire trash?
    Of course, impoverished poor students are needed to create a loan cash flow for their biz model, and have uncle Sammy as the standby Sucker to hold the bag, in the series subprime part II, or how Hedge funds can game the system, and laugh their ass off at class action Attorneys. The National ( *USA) debt is about to cross the $ 20 trillion red line, so why should you
    care, we live in a zero some game(SOCIETY): winners and losers.
    The American dream of going to law school, and being a never lose a case
    (hero Gerry SPENCE) is beyond "reality", in what became a nightmare for the dupes.
    Were they smart enough to even read all the case Spence lost printed up in West Law? NET @...Is it all about marketing and branding?
    There is hope, it springs eternal, RIGHT: if DONNY Trump can use conduits to declare bankruptcy, and lose billions, and game the banks, then there are 2nd lives in America for the ex Students of the SCAM Law schools.
    Don't lose hope, change is constant. All these naysayers with high LAST scores, and slick Law Shop marketing, are plugged into the new civil war in AMERICA. Get your A game face on, the AMERICA dream is alive and well,
    start TRUMP ICE water, or run a deal on some DONNY steak, or
    get involved on how to get money from UNCLE SAMMY for drilling a
    oil well, with SBA money, and if it don't work out, move on to the next wildcat. Super lawyer Jeffy Sessions has your back, remember
    the buck stops with DON.(and he loves Putin- Soviet woman are hot.), and all want PEACE, LOVE, and a fast Italian car,
    your FAIRY TALEs to come true. Good luck, losers, there is always the next game, they can't kick you off the island. Would't you figure the Sterling boys are the Chicago clique. Just because they are laughing their ass off at you losers, some can claim they are the winners, it is all about branding.
    Competent pleadings, waaaaah