Saturday, March 18, 2017

Million Dollar Express Chuggin' Through Boise

Right on schedule.
The University of Idaho College of Law’s efforts to begin a first-year law program in Boise have come to fruition, after the American Bar Association gave the plan its seal of approval this week, the UI announced Wednesday.
Yes, the University of Idaho - flagship of a state with a thunderous, expanding population of one and a half million - has found itself a two-campus solution, following such successful examples as Penn State, Rutgers, and the Widener College of Law.
“We expect to have 60 students at Boise and approximately the same number in Moscow next year,” Adams said. “There’s a really strong demand for both locations.”

Adams said each campus offers distinct benefits: Boise is surrounded by the business and legal community, while in Moscow students benefit from “the advantages of deep ties to other programs, dual degrees on UI campus and also at WSU.”
With Concordia University's law school already in Boise like a slowly growing tumor leaking blood, Idaho is finally catching up to the rest of America by realizing that there's absolutely no downside to over-saturating the population with lawyers, the only people capable of stopping various vague but urgent catastrophic insults to the Rule of Law.

A mere decade ago, this massive state had but one law school to fill its ranks of lawyers, leading to employment scores at lofty, anti-competitive levels like 80%.  Now it has three law school campuses.

That's what progress looks like.  I truly wish our lingering one-flagship states like Wyoming and North Dakota take note so their citizenry, too, can know the bounty of a properly saturated marketplace.


  1. C'mon-you know that Vladmir Putin will take care of those new Moscow students-after all, what says "rule of law" like the KGB?

    1. Please, no one tell Steven Harper about his.

  2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 18, 2017 at 7:59 PM

    They are one third of the way to Illinois' nine law schools. There is a law school gap in Idaho! Maybe you guys should put up some billboards advertising $49.00 Traffic Ticket Defense. Build up to six additional law schools in no time flat...

  3. What a remarkable achievemenTTT. For the law school pigs, not the students/marks.

  4. "Strong demand" has two meanings:

    To the administrator, it means lots of snowflakes.

    To the snowflakes, it means lots of jobs.

    The administrators got it right.

  5. Boise. Is that French slang for "chump" (or perhaps wooden marks)?

  6. My kids' school was going to mark "Diversity Month" by holding a Miss Ebonics pageant, but they had to cancel when nobody wanted to be Miss Idaho.

    Everything coming out of this Adams' mouth is jus saying the state's name.