Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fare Thee Well, Dr. Jay

Not unexpectedly, given the hysteria of some when a going concern suddenly loses its primary source of revenue, Jay Conison, Charlotte Law Dean, has gone the way of Matasar and Larry Mitchell, although he'll be remaining on the faculty:
With his school’s future hanging in the balance, the dean of the beleaguered Charlotte School of Law is stepping down.

Jay Conison has led the uptown, for-profit school for almost four years. Charlotte Law announced his departure with a four-paragraph statement Monday afternoon. Conison will remain on the faculty, the statement said.
Conison brought the thunder to Charlotte from Valparaiso, which apparently was not enough of a scam-challenge for his Herculean talents.  Like upping the difficulty level on a video game, say, Lemmings (PC, 1991).

He had the misfortune of taking over Charlotte Law School a good two years after the national media awoke to the unfiltered swindle of the lowest-tier law schools.  Nonetheless, his efforts to keep Charlotte and its Infilaw backers well-fed pigs rather than well-slaughtered hogs were noble. 

But alas, his move to Charlotte seems akin to many a classical, tragic hero, they who overreached their grasp and exposed a fatal flaw.  In Conison's case, he left the relative comfort of a midwestern low-tier school attached to a longstanding university for the one of the south's most notorious sinkholes and targets for reformers who think for-profits are evil and non-profits walk on water.  It's sort of like leaving a sniper's nest for the front lines.  Balls, yes, but the chances of them getting blown off...

He puts the GOAT in scapegoat.  Let us remember the good times.


  1. I never understood when to use "classical" vs. "classic" or when to "historical" vs. "historic." Perhaps Old Guy can help me out.

    In any, case the lesson is clear for every employee that is easily replaceable (e.g., every law professor, every JD holder): Never get out of the boat.

    1. Loosely:

      historical: pertaining to history
      historic: significant or momentous in history

      classical: pertaining to a past era regarded as a cultural high point (ancient Greece and Rome, from a Western perspective)
      classic: of enduring merit

    2. Captain Hurska Carswell, Continuance KingMarch 26, 2017 at 7:43 AM

      classical: USA 1-20-17: 12:00 PM EDT a cultural high point, ending the enduring merit

  2. What is he being paid as a professor? I wouldn't cry too hard.

    1. Even a peppercorn per year is more than he is worth.

    2. Yep. Being a LawProf is certainly a golden parachute for former Deans. He probably knows too much, so this is the "hush money."