Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fare Thee Well, 2016, You Hostile Twit of a Year

It's New Year's Eve, the last gasp for a truly deplorable year and cliched articles bemoaning its happenings.

Not horrible, mind you, because we lost icons of Anglo-American culture. Not because America's Presidential election fell into a satire for an audience too afraid to laugh.  Not because I've resorted to ripping off Voltaire.  And not because of Brexit, Syria, terrorism, Zika, Russia, economic bubblism, the continuing refusal to fill federal court vacancies being elevated to the Supreme Court, Hurricane Matthew, slain zoo exhibits, earthquakes, the ongoing global climate/ecological catastrophe, or Pokemon Go.

It was a shit year for law schools, particularly those that are underrated and produce a disproportionate amount of public service lawyers.

Indiana Tech?  Prospectively shuttered.

Charlotte?  Bitchslapped by the Department of Ed.

Charleston?  Still rebounding from the catastrophic, Shakespearean succession crisis.

North Texas?  Accreditation not recommended for bullshit reasons.

Law schools everywhere?  Continue to face the malicious assault of oligopolist bar examiners who refuse to allow women and minorities fair opportunity, or something.

The bleeping ABA?  Threatened with loss of its accreditation authority.

Eat a cold dick of justice, 2016.  I can't wait 'til this mockingbird of a year is as dead as Harper Lee.  I hope 2017 fares better for the less-prestigious law school scammers, much like it promises the continued riches of exploitation for the people who control Harper Lee's intellectual property.

But I digress.  Peace, health, and prosperity to my readership.  See you when the new calendar is on the wall.  Mine has a drawing of Scout Finch proudly receiving an LLM from Western Michigan - Thomas Cooley School of Law-Birmingham.

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