Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You Are About To Witness The Power Of Urban Collaboration

Despite having a campus that looks something like a modern-day Ministry of Truth (which is ironically not ironic), Florida Coastal is toying with the idea of moving to downtown Jacksonville.

But like a woman going to the bathroom in a party of six, she's not going alone.
[T]he law school is looking for partners who want to share space in its campus just off Baymeadows Road.

“Other law firms [ed - other?], legal interest groups or other entities with which we might share a synergy,” Dennis Stone, president of Florida Coastal School of Law, said in a phone interview with the Business Journal.

The idea would be for those groups or businesses to move with FCSL when it secures a location within the urban core, establishing what school officials are calling the “FCSL Downtown Collaborative.”
For America's Best Laws Schools, it isn't enough to build a factory making lemming sausage to feed a world starving for loads of protein-heavy justice. Oh, no. You need interdisciplinary partnerships, synergies, institutes, collaborative shopping malls, shared meal plans, and diversified zoo exhibits. The modish law school must present more than a straightforward educational mission: it must be a postgraduate supergroup, a union of unique insights like the Bloomsbury Group or the Wu-Tang Clan.

Being an independent law school, Coastal has to seek partnerships outside the traditional academic sphere. And its imagination is running on full synergy mode:
Scott DeVito, FCSL dean of students, said, “Ideal partners for this unique collaboration include legal, educational or perhaps a technology-based business looking to eventually relocate Downtown.”
When he says "educational...business," I can't help but think of preschools, charter schools, and private colleges. What a blissful synergy that could be, one-stop shopping for the legal prodigy!

So, what do you say, Jacksonville businesses doing something somewhat related to law or education or abusing the ever-living fuck out of well-intentioned federal programs or exploiting the human virtue of optimism in our young adults?

Can you feel the pulsing orgasmic synergy of sharing a space with an august institution like FCLS and then moving at the same undetermined future time to the downtown area?

I can, and it sounds like a deal that's simply too goo to be true.


  1. Hahahaha "Can't you feel the pulsing orgasmic synergy..." and "...a deal that's simply to goo to be true."



  2. Couldn't they have some synergy with a rescue mission or an abortion clinic? It would give their legal clinics some fairly instant clients.

  3. What tech-based company would want to partner with a sinking, overpriced, fourth tier cesspool?

  4. I think Big Al's Debt Collection Agency might be an appropriate partner.