Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Santa Clara and Pepperdine: Better Than Sex, Georgetown, and Harvard Business School

Curious whether you'll be able to afford that Audi as general counsel to a hot new start-up?  Go to this link:

and readily see just how much bank you'll make at many American law schools.

Look at the glory of it, particularly numbers 3 and 6, just look at it!  Really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?  With all the naysaying going on, people lose track of just how much money a graduate of a school like Santa Clara or Pepperdine can make when you just totally ignore the negative-nancy bad outcomes.

Even the much-maligned Thomas M. Cooley School of Law has its graduates over six figures, and is clearly a better option than many master's programs.  Go ahead and get your masters at Penn or Harvard, asshole.

Other law schools that kick ass:  Hofstra (29), Brooklyn (43), American (47), Pace (49), JMLS (62), Baltimore (63), and Seton Hall (85).  All of these fine institutions are clearly better than getting an MBA or PhD in virtually any other program.  And how!

Even graduates into so-called "public interest" fields will make $60,000 a year.  How can you lose?

Still spots available for spring semester, kids.  Still spots available.


  1. Dear God. What methodology was used? Was it the "call up the marketing department and ask for a number" methodology?

  2. Not clear how a school ranked 107 (Santa Clara) would have a 10 year median salary close to $200,000. How does a starting salary in the high $70s for those who have job suddenly increase that much? How is this survey compiled? How does anyone know the numbers are legit, even for those having jobs.

    I get the Harvard number. At 10 years out, people are still in the law firm game and have not yet been put out of the misery of their jobs. 10 years later- the numbers for Harvard would drop.- try $170,000 ish because the survival rate in law is not so good.

  3. When Santa Clara ranks higher in salaries than the Harvard Business School, you know that they're lying.

    1. Not much doubt about that.

  4. This information is from people who responded to a survey, and so is misleading if the people who responded are different from those who didn't respond.

    There is no way your average Santa Clara JD has a higher salary than your average Stanford MBA. They are probably comparing the top 5% of Santa Clara's class with the top 90% of Stanford's class. What about the other 95% of Santa Clara's students? No one cares!!!!

  5. Excellent link.

    Of course, lawyers don't mind a biased sample when it supports their own case. And some law school deans think like lawyers.

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