Monday, July 14, 2014

Florida A&M is Accreditation-worthy & Majorly-popular

If you will recall, one of the worrying stories last year was that the anti-diversity folks were claiming Florida A&M wasn't meeting "standards," which, as we all know, is a code word for "wanting to stop minority advancement."

Thankfully, more level heads prevailed.
The American Bar Association in early 2013 raised questions about whether FAMU was doing enough to prepare students for the exam needed to get a law license.
But the ABA accreditation committee this week told the school it had answered questions and shown enough proof that it is addressing the concerns.
Excellent work, FAMU.  As we all know, the state of Florida would have been in a dire position indeed if one of its twelve (12) law schools were placed in peril.

And far from being in peril, FAMU is finding favor with the lemmings:
The news also comes at a good time since it appears that enrollment at the school is on the rise. Enrollment dropped during the last academic year to about 520 students but Pernell said applications for the fall have jumped up at least 20 percent.
Things the A&M might stand for:
Awesome & Motherfuckin' Awesome
Amazing & Motherfuckin' Amazing
Alcohol & Models (in your future)
Attitude & Money (also in your future)
Apex & Mountaintop (HT: Arizona Summit)

Does the sado-masochistic readership have any offerings?


  1. damn your funny

  2. According to Law School Transparency, the median LSAT score of the fall 2013 entering class was 146. If you translate that to a raw score, it means that the person answered fewer than half of the LSAT questions correctly. And that's the MEDIAN FAMU student. How can they in good conscience take money from these kids with the implied promise that FAMU can turn these kids into successful lawyers?