Monday, June 16, 2014

Quinnipiac Officials Showcasing the Art

Oh, Quinnipiac.  You're one of those schools whose frivolousness often gets overlooked in the greater scam.  Your relative neighbors Vermont and Albany have gained more attention in recent times, and likely never reach the lofty heights of the lemming abattoirs in the large urban areas, like NESL or Touro.

But you can hold your own.  Cue Ed Wilkes, associate vice president and dean of admissions:
"The legal job market has suffered, and it hasn't quite fully rebounded yet," said Ed Wilkes... 
"No one predicted there would be this kind of huge drop in applications," Wilkes said. 
The decline in applications is linked to the perception of withering job prospects, school officials said. As in other industries, technology advances and outsourcing have disrupted the legal job market. The economic downturn forced firms small and large to reduce the number of summer associates and new hires, Wilkes said....
Emphasis added to showcase the expertise in word choice.  "Yet," meaning it's going to fully rebound?  "Perception," as in there's some subjectivity to the lousy job market and he's unsure about it?  "Small," meaning that small firms were once taking on summer associates?

The drop in applications came out of nowhere?!?!?!

Behold the product of the master craftsman.

Enjoy the new campus, schlubs.


  1. But, But...their new law school complex will feature a 180-seat, two-tiered courtroom with Judge's Chambers and Jury Room!! So there!!

  2. Quinnipiac is obviously playing chicken with Roger Williams and the Boston schools. When one of them finally closes, the other schools will breathe easier for a few years.

    I'm convinced that New England School of Law will be the first to close. There's no reason for anyone to attend that raging dumpster fire.

  3. Showcasing the art? Does Quinnipiac have an art collection? Is it the same one that used to be at Indiana Tech?