Friday, June 27, 2014

Apply to Law School Now!

Have I mentioned before how I'm consistently impressed with the journalism quality at  People used to say that on the internet, no one knows your a dog.  That any old hack could set up a webpage or submit articles to some shitrag and pass utter nonsense off for the minions who gobble it up.  Obviously, bucks that trend, or proves valuable in the fight against lowering standards, or whatever.

Thanks to the historic enrollment crash that has shrunk law school classes during the past few years, it means that graduates might soon be looking at a shockingly strong job market.
With less competition it should be far easier for graduates to find decent work....[If past numbers hold] we can expect that about 91 percent of the class of 2016 will find long-term, full-time work, compared with about 72 percent last year. About 73 percent would be in full-time, long-term legal jobs, compared with 58 percent last year.

Screw anything else I could possibly say!

91%!  Kids, if you go to law school right now, you have a 91% chance of full-time gainful employment!  And these aren't the bogus, made-up stats we in the legal education sector were throwing around a few years ago!  These are real numbers backed by real data backed by math and science.  YOU COULD CITE IT IN A LAW JOURNAL!  Listen, this guy is the Senior Business and Economic Correspondent!

If the did a similar analysis in order to calculate the salaries that accompany that 91% I would think... maybe $150,000?  I mean, I know that's speculation, but it's based on data that's based on math and science.

91%!  $150,000!

Christ, you would be insane not to go to law school.  Jordan Weissman is not only a trend-bucker, but he's a surefire nominee for a MacAthur Grant.

91%, and we don't even have to lie about it, since we can just make it up using math based on crude projections.

So many kids have bailed from law school it's now a money-making bargain.  The moral of the story is to jump in before the masses come rushing back.

Go get 'em, prospective lawyer.  Go get 'em.

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