Sunday, June 8, 2014

Congratulations, UC-Irvine!

UC-Irvine is now fully-accredited!  Congratulations to Dean Chemerinsky and his insta-prestigious vanity law school for clearing the ABA's arduous hurdles and joining the prestigious ranks of such schools as Thomas Jefferson, Touro, and the multi-campus John Marshall Experience.

It's refreshing that California understands the need to continually replenish the ranks of law schools, even while running headlong into a recession and legal industry collapse with naysayers babbling blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, Louisianans COULD have built a law school four years ago, but some have their heads up their butts.
Amid the accreditation and forged signature scandals, it is time Louisiana College’s new leadership abandons the law school project and focuses on the real problem on the campus.
Please.  Look at UC-Irvine.  They have a shiny, sterling law school placing 64% of is graduates long term, bar passage required jobs.  They've increased enrollment by 37 students since 2010 while other law schools are declining.  Maybe you could even build a public law school that charges $44k.  Who knows?!  The sky's the limit, and with a lot of hard work and innovation, you, too, can have an ABA accredited school working wonders in legal education.

Hey, Louisiana, remember the civil war?  Yeah, you're wrong on this one, too.

Build it and they will come, or, well, someone comes.  Scam on.


  1. Maybe Louisiana College can top what UC Irvine Sewer of Law is paying Chemerinsky, and per$uade him to become their dean.

  2. The school as an abstraction, as an aggregation of prestige, may be shiny. However, it's housed in a drab and rickety building that even the most clueless Cooley student would find embarrassing. When you're charging such high tuition, you need to spend some of it on a nice building. Otherwise, students will start to wonder why all the money has to go to professors and administrators who won't give them the time of day.

  3. This accreditation could actually be the kiss of death to UC Erwin. With accreditation comes a US News ranking. When they find themselves ranked at 35 or 40, their chances of filling a projected 200-student class with intelligent and accomplished students is effectively zero.