Sunday, March 16, 2014

Welcome to Scam Madness 2014: Selection Sunday, Baby!

It's that time of year again, scamfriends!  As you'll recall, last year Florida Coastal dominated the South region and then triumphed over upstart surprise Willamette in a riveting final of scamtastic wit after Willamette shocked juggernaut Thomas Cooley in the Final Four's opening round.

This year promises to be an even BETTER tournament, just as each law school class inevitably triumphs over its peers both intellectually and financially, at a rate of anywhere between 20-40%.

Rules:  As you'll recall, LSTC makes the rules and has sole discretion over the rules.  Each round, the contestants are evaluated on criteria relevant to flim-flamming stupid lemmings.  Single elimination, yada yada yada.  This year, we're adding four "play-in" games.  We're also setting a rule that schools can only have one entry, so Cooley and Widener will be limited to one region.



Seton Hall v. Roger Williams
Detroit-Mercy v. Valparaiso
Memphis v. Appalachian
UC-Hastings v. Idaho


1  Brooklyn
16  Suffolk
8  Touro
9  American
4  Albany
13  Cardozo
5  Vermont
12  Roger Williams/Seton Hall
2  New England
15  Baltimore
7  Villanova
10  Liberty
3  Western New England
14  Drexel
6  Widener
11  Quinnipiac


1  Indiana Tech
16  Valparaiso/Detroit-Mercy
8  Arkansas-Little Rock
9  Depaul
4  Case Western
13 Chicago-Kent
5  Penn State
12 Michigan State
2  Thomas Cooley
15 University of Chicago
7  Oklahoma City
10 Hamline
3   Duquesne
14  Capital
6  John Marshall
11 Ohio Northern


1  Florida Coastal
16  Stetson
8  Florida A&M
9  Barry
4  Regent
13  William & Mary
5  Liberty
12  Washington & Lee
2  Charleston
15  Elon
7  Jones-Faulkner
10  Texas A&M
3  Charlotte
14  John Marshall
6  St. Mary's
11 Appalachian/Memphis


1  Thomas Jefferson
16  Idaho/UC-Hastings
8  McGeorge
9  Lewis & Clark
4  Whittier
13  Santa Clara
5  UC-Irvine
12  Golden Gate
2  Arizona Summit
15  Alaska Summit
7  Denver
10  Wyoming
3  Seattle
14 Southwestern
6  California-Western
11  Western State

Best of luck to the participants!

1 comment:

  1. Here is my final four toilet bracket:

    Crooklyn Law School;
    TTTThoma$ M. Cooley Law Sewer;
    Florida Coa$$TTTTal; and

    The regional final between TJ$L and Arizona Summit will be the equivalent of an epic, triple overtime game between powerhouse basketball teams. The rankings, for-profit status, and insane levels of average student loan debt are nearly identical.

    Seeing that New York Law Sewer got left out, they should be a #1 seed in the law school cesspool NIT.