Thursday, March 20, 2014

ScamMadness 2014: Round 1!

FIRST of all, several readers have brought to my attention that some website called "Above the Law" is running a March Madness-style tournament to determine the "worst" law school.  Regardless of whether they copied the idea off of my annual attempt to find a ScamMadness Champion First Grand Supreme, I am flattered that they're doing roughly the same thing I am, only with a fraction of the MADNESS.

SECOND of all, let the games begin!

The play-in/first round this year will look at...Present Applicant Limbo!

Yes, that's right, our play-in winners will be determined by which institution opened its doors the broadest for an individual non-URM applicant according to the self-reporting done at Law School Numbers for the current admissions class.  Is this reliable?  Hell no.  It is madness?  Scam on!

Roger Williams:  146/2.7
Seton Hall:  153/3.3 with numerous rejections.

Detroit-Mercy:  146/2.67
Valparaiso:  154/2.4 or 144/3.3

Memphis:  154/2.25 or 146/2.9
Appalachian:  147/2.3

Idaho:  155/3.0
UC-Hastings:  Just...too damn selective.

Welcome to Round 2, and better luck next year, Seton Hall and friends.


  1. Are you sure about these numbers? I know someone who got in to Northwestern with 155. How could Hastings not beat that?

    This tournament is rigged!

  2. What? Valpo's out already??? Come on, man...!