Friday, February 21, 2014

Brooklyn Liquidates $36M in Real Estate

Running out of money?  Ha!

Brooklyn just got almost 40M:
Jared Kushner’s Kushner Companies has inked a deal to buy a multi-family portfolio in Brooklyn Heights from the Brooklyn Law School for $36.5 million... 
The asking price for the properties was $41.15 million.... 
“Today, Brooklyn Law School executed a contract and accepted a deposit for the sale of six of our smaller properties,” Nick Allard, dean of the law school, told TRD via email. “The Board of Trustees authorized the sale because with a smaller student body we need fewer apartments to meet the housing needs of our students.”
That's over 750 lemmings at full freight.

The BLS machine ain't goin' anywhere.  It's going to wait out this temporary assault on reason with a pile o' cash and get right back to spitting out lemmings when everyone realizes that this temporary internet hysteria was just a multi-year aberration.

Scam on.


  1. Glad these thieves didn't get their asking price. A lot of the profs, deans, etc. who work at this grifter operation are middle-aged. It gives me great pleasure to think that in just 30 years or so, almost every POS who works for this worthless school will be slowly roasting in the deepest, darkest pit of hell being tortured by Satan for eternity. 30 years isn't really that long. Hope they enjoy their money. Maybe it'll be enough money for people to look past their extreme physical flaws.

  2. It's ALL about the money, for these academic hustlers. Crooklyn Law Sewer is simply trying to stay solvent.

  3. Devils gonna dev and scammers gonna scam! God bless!

  4. See what Jared Kushner's former professor at Harvard had to say about this darling little tycoon born with a silver spoon up his ass:

  5. Now the enthusiastic looting of the tax-free assets of this purportedly "non-profit" entity will begin in earnest. The former dean led the way by departing in the same lavish style with which she had conducted her disastrous reign. After this windfall, all of the well-placed professors and administrators will be able, simply by remaining silent, to receive a series of gold-plated sabbaticals followed by massively funded retirements. That $36 million won't last six months.