Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop Picking on Larry Mitchell

Remember a few posts ago where I reported about the multi-incident sexual harrasment/retaliation suit against Case Western SuperDean Larry Mitchell?  Am I too late to call him Leisure Suit Larry Mitchell?

Now Mitchell's former assistant, Attorney Daniel Dube, has identified himself as a person in the complaint and confirmed the accuracy of the relevant claims where he was involved publicly:
Attorney Daniel Dubé told The Plain Dealer Thursday he was the administrative staff person who wrote the letter to university officials [detailing Mitchell's sexual relationship with a student and retaliation] and confirmed the instances involving him contained in the complaint were accurate. Dubé said he came to Cleveland with Mitchell from George Washington University where he was his research assistant. He said Mitchell was a mentor to him. [does anyone else picture Darth Vader zapping the Emporer here?  -ed.]
He said he was speaking publicly for the same reason he went to university officials in 2011, even though it was against his own self-interest.
Yeah, because he's a wiener.

How can you be the special assistant (yes, that's a job title) to a third-tier law school dean and call foul like this?  Your job is special assistant to a third-tier law school dean, a man whose goal is apparently to lubelessly butt-ram half the school and cashity cash cash in.  What did he think Mitchell was doing, exactly?  Serving a noble profession by educating a future generation of attorneys for a fraction of what he could make in private practice?

Great googly moogly.  Who the hell cares where Larry Mitchell puts his LawProf?  The guy is a Law Dean whose slickness has brought blessings upon GWU and CWU.  God willing, he'll someday bring glory to BWU, NWU, PWU, and the others.  If he wants to treat the campus like the Playboy Mansion, he's earned it.

Ethics?  Responsibility?  What quaint ideas.  Maybe I'll take Mary Sue to the sock hop and share a banana split with her afterwards, then walk her closed legs home by 8:30.  Maybe I'll "score" and kiss her on the cheek.

Speaking of dates that end well:
Dubé also complained that Mitchell would talk about his sex life and inquire about Dubé's sex life. At one point, according to the complaint, after one of the numerous student and staff parties at the dean's home, Mitchell tried to engage Dubé and his date in a "threesome" and pointed out a guestroom with new Chinese silk sheets.
Mr. Dube apparently never really understood life in a law school administrative capacity, which is a big shocker given that he's a recent law graduate.

This system is a perfect capitalist pyramid.  You either play ball or you don't.  If you play ball, you might make it to the big leagues.  If you don't, you write a whiny butthurt blog about how the system isn't "fair" as your ethical compass and conscience try to pay bills and buy groceries.  Or you just disappear and work at something else like the other skeletons in the closet.  Dube had a chance to join the circle, but, apparently, would rather be a whiner than participate in the endless orgy that is legal education.

His loss.  He tags Mitchell in on a threesome (Chinese silk sheets!) and he's got an assistant deanship at Wayne State within a year.  Bank on it.

The only thing I can fault Mitchell for in all of this is hiring a guy who puts an accent mark over a vowel in his name.  This is America, bro.  Our letters don't have decorations.

But stop picking on Mitchell.  Law deans be law deans.  No matter what "social responsibility" mandates.  They have their own rules.  Don't hate 'cause you can't relate.

(God bless Cleveland media)


  1. You're doing some great reporting on this case, again and again. I'd say at this point, and with no pun intended, that you're right on top of this scamdean.

    I do wonder if he ever gets fired for his perverted antics. If so, he's got a JD certificate, which he can use in hundreds of different careers.

    1. As a lawdean, he's NETWORKED to the MAX.

      As was said in the previous post, school will win this, easy. Courts bend over backwards for the university-debtor service complex.

    2. I suspect it's more that the courts bend over for the high-powered attorneys that the debt-tuition industry can afford to hire. But what do I know?

    3. I suspect that the attorneys have little to do with it. You could put a random schlub in a cheapo suit in court, the second they say they represent a school of law, judge is biased in their favor.

    4. I think the best hope for a judgment against the scammers is to find a judge, graduate of one JD factory, who happens to hate the other JD factory that's getting sued. There may be a Hastings judge that resents USF for whatever reason, or an Arizona judge that resents ASU. I'd enjoy reading about that type of case. Imagine the frustration of the scammers...

    5. These comments make me wonder whether it's really the economy that is preventing the readers from being employed. A retaliation claim like this would likely be subject to a jury trial. The judge can influence rulings in the case to some degree but not the extent some of you apparently believe.

    6. @520-

      As a practicing litigator, I'll tell you you're naive.

  2. From now on, whenever you meet a woman from Case Western, you'd better check for tire tracks across her back. Student or staff, it makes no difference.

  3. I've been trying to figure out what the Dean's thoughts must be these days. He didn't harass any hot women, reduced his expectations to near zero, and yet he finds his great new job surrounded by controversy and argued in a backwoods courtroom. It must seem quite unfair to him.

    I'd suggest to the Dean that he quit his great new job and return to George Washington, where he was overpaid for his research and where he may or may not have a wife waiting for him.

  4. This whole blog is f-ing hilarious.

    1. Thanks. Buy my album. Please. I have student debt.