Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Scam Movement, Forgotten in South Dakota

A decade of observations about the law school bubble means absolutely naught to the good folks in Yankton.
The University of South Dakota School of Law will welcome one of the largest incoming classes of students in 10 years next Monday, Aug. 12. Eighty-seven students representing 14 states comprise the Class of 2022.
The class also scored strongly on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) with both the median and 75th percentile scores improving one point from last year at 152 and 154 respectively.
Remember all that discussion about "right-sizing" law school?  About how a lot of schools were actually admitting that their admissions needed a diet?

Well, screw that. That argument is as passe as heroin.  USD (and others, it seems) is gonna party like it's 2008, which is probably fitting if you've ever seen what they wear to malls in those parts.

And you know we're back in boom times when the press trumpets a 154 as the "strong" 75th percentile LSAT that it is.  For years, pocket-protected nebbishes would have argued against such a premise, but you know what?  They're all going to be high-powered lawyers in the end so long as the bar folks burn their caution flags and let the engines roar.

The "fourteen states" bit... folks, only six states border South Dakota, so that means there's a few of these kids coming a fairly long way to go to a public school in a low-population state.  Among other conclusions, that tells me we might need more law schools in the flyover states. Is Texas hungry for another school?  Illinois?  Colorado need a third? Does Mitchell Hamline need to expand?

In any event, law school is back, baby, even though it never left.


  1. LSCT-bless you for trying, but it appears there's no hope. Per the ABA's inflated statistics, our of a class of 78, USD had 50 with long term Jd required jobs. Of those jobs, 40 were in SD. Those killer numbers didn't scare off the new class, though.
    The scam will live forever, as the supply of lemmings is limitless, apparently.

  2. One discouraging thing is that enrollment is inversely related to the economy. These nitwits — what else can you call individuals attending a school where 154 rules the roost? — are the canaries in the coal mine.

  3. "Rural South Dakota continues to have a lawyer shortage...," despite there being no one in rural South Dakota who wants to pay for one, which is a pretty awesome phenomenon when you think about it, and to have so many future pro bonos is also awesome. Scam on like you never left, which you didn't!