Sunday, January 8, 2017

Charlotte's Web of Truth Continues

The show is going on in Charlotte:
Charlotte School of Law – battling lawsuits from students, a federal cutoff of student loans and financial problems – told students Friday night that it would reopen for the spring semester.
Students were told earlier that administrators had determined that at least 500 students – about two-thirds of its current enrollment – would need to commit to taking classes this spring for the school to reopen.
CSL told students at mid-week that it was trying to make arrangements with Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville – a sister institution in the three-school InfiLaw chain – for students to complete their studies and receive an ABA-accredited degree.
As I've written previously, law schools are supposed to exemplify the highest virtues of Law and Lawyering for the benefit of their student bodies.

Charlotte is doing just that here.

Resilience against unjust oppression, a bent for the quixotic and meaningless, a struggle to continue a good confidence game at all costs...

It's heartening to know that despite the federal government's irrational decision to imperil the supply of legal services in America's 22nd largest metropolitan area and inhibit the ability of minority students to practice law, the private sector will continue on for at least another few months.

If and when they tragically succumb to the brutal and unfair onslaught of a totally unsustainable business model, I hope Florida Coastal is willing to pick up the flag and keep running.  And by pick up the flag, I mean suddenly open "North Carolina Coastal" and keep the printing presses turning.

(While I'm at it, shouldn't every state have a Coastal?)

Because it's not enough to squeeze every drop of blood from a corpse.  The corpse must be re-purposed as an avatar of service for the great mission. The show must go on.

It's sort of like the touching children's novel Charlotte's Web.  In that memorable work, Charlotte, a crafty spider, helps a down-on-his-luck farmer after the federal government withdraws pork subsidies by spinning webs with alluring messages to piglets on neighboring farms.  Then, the piglets flock to the farm, where they are slaughtered and turned into delicious pork products like the kind you buy at your local store!  The farm is saved, but alas spiders do not live forever, so Charlotte's children take up the trade, and her children's children, and so on.  An endless succession of helpful capitalist spiders leading pigs to profits.


  1. What a lovely spin on an old tale. However, the law school pigs may have too much fat on their greedy bodies.

  2. North Carolina at least has a coast. The fact that Charlotte is hours from the ocean is neither here nor there.

    InfiLaw should set up the Nebraska Coastal School of Law, complete with photos of beaches and surfers. After all, seaside fun is the very essence of legal education.

  3. LSTC, did you see that Florida Coastal and CSOL failed the gainful employment rules?

    (Apologiesfor double postings.)