Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Editorial: LSTC Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Never before has the LSTC endorsed a candidate for President of the United States.  We may never do it again.  That's your trigger that this shit's serious.  A call to action.  What action?  Uh...deposit money in the box?

But today, November 9, 2016, we feel compelled to join almost every major media outlet on the planet by endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next President of the United States.  The last polls before the election suggest that she will win in a relative landslide well before we have published this piece.  The media does not lead its consumers astray, and imagine by the time you read this piece, Donald Trump has politely conceded.  But please do not let that stop our endorsement.

Simply put, as we all know, legal education is the United States benefits from a continuation of the elitist status quo, an entrusting of the means of education and loan regulation to the existing moneyed parties and executive leaders.  Hillary Clinton, herself a lawyer married to a lawyer, politically embodies everything that has worked about the law school scam, including the gracious acceptance of wholesale, uncritical endorsement from media outlets such as this one.

Scandals?  Corruption?  Shit, who doesn't have a scandal or two?  Most of them are simply a distraction developed by hostile agents infected with the personality disorder of being an asshole.

Note that her primary rival, Donald Trump, is almost equally worthy of our nation's tenth-highest office (normally there are nine Supreme Court justices, although presently justice somehow functions with only eight).  In particular, the LSTC unequivocally praises his leadership with ventures such as Trump University.  That amoral siphoning of funds from hopeful lemmings portends an excellent tenure running the scam o' scams.  Likewise, his particular brand of capitalism - ostentatious self-aggrandizement, brash misogyny, aggressive defense litigation, strategic use of the tax and bankruptcy codes - would find allies on many a law school board.

Yet, when it comes to this particular race, we feel Secretary and - let's go ahead and say it - President-Elect Clinton has slightly more of what it takes to become the leader of the pseudo-free world and, therefore, enforcer of justice and profitable pedagogy.

Just as we jumped onto the law school bandwagon at the perfect time to continue supporting a fantastic and necessary venture as others started to become skeptical, we have chosen to throw our support behind Hillary at the precise moment that fringe elements of the media show signs of abandoning her.  Our timing and track record on this front is as unimpeachable as the decision to open a post-recession law school or acquire a legal education in 2016.

Regardless, we are proud to give Hillary the first endorsement in the history of the LSTC, and not a moment too soon.  You go get 'em, Ma'am, and scam on.


  1. Am I a dick for wanting Campos to freak out with poncy SJW "PTSD" over this? His blog got as boring as Feminist Comedy this year....

  2. I think everyone who even reads this blog is probably a dick on some level.

  3. At this point there are two classes of victim in the higher education (not just law school) scam. The lemmings who take on crippling debt and the taxpayers who pick up he tab when they default. The core issue, which neither major party candidate addressed, is that higher education is grossly overpriced, and as you at least alluded, the cause of this is the federal gubmint pumping more and more money into the system.

    Hillary's "solution" was free tuition at state colleges. Since the feds can't tell State U what to charge this brings us to the point that with the exceptions of air and sunshine nothing really worth having is free. Free in this context means "I'm going to take other people's earnings away from them and use the money to pay your tuition."

    So the debtor class is saved but the taxpayer class is worse off. Worse off first because they lose the benefit of the borrowers who pay back their loans and second because State U. is going to send tuition into the stratosphere once they know that no one will fear enrolling because they don't want to take on the debt.

    I'd have liked to hear both candidates talk about controlling college costs before pumping in more money but I think Hillary really hurt herself by thinking, as do most members of the coastal elites, that Mr. & Mrs. Middle America are too stupid to know what "free" really means.

    And now she's in a real pickle. If she gets an Obama pardon it is tantamount to an admission of guilt. If she doesn't she will be at the mercy of Trump's DOJ.

    1. In keeping with the whole 'being a dick' the fuck are you this ignorant: "the taxpayers who pick up the tab when they default."

      Jesus. Fuck. Since 2010, all federal student loans have been funded with money borrowed by the federal government. Okay? The "taxpayer" FUNDED THE LOANS UP all Americans are on the hook for those loans when the US sovereign bonds that funded them come due, AND NOT if and only if the student defaults.

      Am I being too sophisticated? I guess so. Let me go next level.

      When a student pays the Department of Education that money - the approx. 55 billion "profit" given to the US Congress each year - IS NOT used to pay off the US sovereign bond debt that funded the loans. OKAY?

      Also, when those bonds - which are interest-only loans for the life of the bond - actually come due...we just TAKE A NEW BOND TO PAY THE OLD BOND OFF.

      Get it, yet? Do you get it? The "taxpayers" who may be holding the bag the day we may be unable to take out a new bond to pay off the old bond ARE US. THE KIDS.

      We pay all 1.3 trillion, we still owe it all again as bond debt, plus another 18 trillion dollar bill Boomers left for us to pay, because they are in fact fucking scum bags. Trump and Clinton and Pence and Kaine are fucking scum bags.



    2. The "taxpayers" who may be holding the bag the day we may be unable to take out a new bond to pay off the old bond ARE US. THE KIDS.

      Right, but victimized taxpayers none the less. Your apparent belief that you can bolster your point by dropping F-bombs indicates a serious lack of maturity. Get help.

  4. Go Hillary! Run, Run for the Border, before the Marshals catch up!

  5. Wow. . .great endorsement. . ."The media does not lead its consumers astray". . .calling the Defendant Clinton president-elect. . .epic fail