Saturday, November 26, 2016

Build It, and Someone Will Come

New legislative terms mean new hope for visionary lawmakers to introduce zany bills.

One that's not so zany?  Building a new law school.  After all, America just lost an accredited law school in Indiana, and others around the country report continued shrinkage as potential applicants reject the opportunity to make social justice millions applying law to fact all Clarence Darrow-like.  Some law schools will have to expand or, like, just suddenly show up to fill the void.

And in Big Texas, they find Big Solution:
A new legislative year is bringing renewed hope for Rio Grande Valley lawmakers who hope to establish a law school in the area.
“The law school is a natural progression as our demographics grow, as our population grows,” said Eddie Lucio III, D-Brownsville.
“There are some great, very talented young professionals who for financial reasons or reasons related to family cannot travel to San Antonio, which is our nearest law school.”

Cameron and Hidalgo Counties easily break one million people, and that's only counting the ones who answered the last census.  Meanwhile, thriving law schools subsist in areas with far less population.  For example, Washington & Lee has a highly regarded law school and its home town of Lexington has under 10,000 people.  And yet, W&L attracts three hundred students each year.  Using similar rates and basic fucking math, a law school in McAllen would attract approximately 30,000 students each year.  It's a rough estimate; the real total could be higher.

So build it, Texas.  Consider that paragraph a feasibility study.  Trust me when I say that if you build it, students will come.  There'll be lots of coming, in fact.  A flood of come.  And definitely some smooth supportive commentary from the LSTC.  With the imminent departure of Indiana Tech, a new receptive orifice of hope is needed.

Build it.  I dare you.  Two years ago, people laughed at Donald Trump running for President.  Now, he's going to grope himself some Oval Office.  What that means is that every seemingly stupid idea now should not lack the courage to go forth and become a brilliant one.  Build it, Texas.  Build the greatest law school you can right next to that border and show Mexico what American jurisprudence can do.  Make sure you build it higher than the wall.  But built it.


  1. Hidalgo County is the eighth largest county in the state. Why not add three law schools there?!?!

  2. Per Wiki, "A 2000 Texas A&M study stated that of the residents of Cameron County, 43% do not have basic literacy skills."

    Law school and developmental education. Winning!!!!!

    1. Excellent news for this law school. That 43% makes for a huge target market.

  3. What's the largest metropolitan area in the US that doesn't have a law school? Certainly it should be clamoring for at least one. After all, tiny South Royalton, Vermont, has a law school (of sorts) even though it doesn't have a grocery store, or even a traffic signal.

  4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingNovember 29, 2016 at 8:45 AM

    We have a law school gap in our NATION. Does Texas have those billboards advertising $49.00 traffic ticket defense? If not, there is a lawyer gap. Texas needs everyday low priced Walmart lawyers.