Friday, August 26, 2016

Arizona Summit: America's Youngest Historically Black College

You may remember from the last post that Arizona Summit was looking for a dance partner (or partners, the tramp).  We should've known that she'd go black, and likely won't care if she comes back.

Arizona Summit, located in - yes - Arizona - is partnering with Bethune-Cookman.  In Florida.  Thank God lemmings often don't get geography, or else this might be a stupid idea.  It's a shame more schools don't take advantage of the absurd trans-continental pipeline arrangement that makes absolutely no sense outside of shamelessly well-crafted exploitation.
Arizona Summit Law School (Summit) and Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) will work together to address the lack of diversity in the legal profession.  The partnership will focus initially on increasing the number of HBCU graduates who attend and successfully complete the law school process and are prepared for admission to the practice of law.  To launch the partnership, Summit and B-CU will invest an unprecedented $12.5M in full scholarships and provide living assistance for qualified students from B-CU and other HBCUs.  Summit will accept its first class of students this fall from B-CU.
"Accept"?  More like roll out a red carpet and put a mint on the pillow.

If there's one institution that can understand the lack of diversity in the legal profession, it's Arizona Summit.  Just a few short years ago, Summit's founders looked the state of Arizona and saw only two reasonably priced, well-respected public law schools affiliated with major universities that were completely adequate for filling the state's need for attorneys.

Summit was having none of that rationally based, white privilege shit.  It understood that Arizona needed a standalone private school at toilet level to ensure there was an excess of lawyers.  Everyone who wants to plunk six figures on a law degree should get one with a bagel and a can of coke at some luncheon.  It's exactly like how HBCUs established themselves to serve an excluded minority population years ago, by which I mean it totally is not.

Now, Summit wants to make the southwestern legal landscape a little bit darker - bring da ruckus just like Summit did, if you will.  And who could blame them?  Mexican-American assimilation is working wonders with the good folk of Arizona.  It's a multicultural wundergarten, and no doubt ready to lead the revolution of diversifying the legal profession.

Lord knows there aren't any HBCU-friendly law schools back east.  It's not like there's already six HBCUs with law schools or anything like that; I don't see one named after Thurgood Marshall yet, do you?

Sure, people may scoff and wonder how a for-profit scam factory in Phoenix can credibly claim any sort of mission in line with HCBUs in a time when qualified minority applicants can get into a decent law school five seconds before classes start, instead thinking it's some sort of cheap ploy to get applicants impervious to criticism because of their diversity.  Such people are cynically racist assholes.

Once, Martin Luther King, Jr., famously observed that he, like Moses, had been to the mountaintop and seen the Promised Land.  In these times, it's hard not to read "mountaintop" as "Summit," and foresee a bountiful land of multicultural justice while the heartless law school critics perish under their faulty ideology the way the persecutors of Egypt and Dixie fell.


  1. Epic takedown of this toilet!

  2. I wonder how long the diversity mission would last if the feds pulled back on GradPLUS loans to for-profit schools.

  3. Arizona Summit is now rearranging the deck chairs on board the Titanic. The ship is sinking.

  4. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingAugust 27, 2016 at 5:33 PM

    Fact: Arizona Summit is owned by Sterling Partners, a private equity group out of Chicago. They are in it for the MONEY. Keep your eye on the ball here. This merger is all smoke and mirrors.

    1. I can't figure this one out. Florida Coastal, another Infilaw sh*thole, would have been a more obvious choice. For B-Cu, anyway.

  5. I would admonish all to watch Spike Lee's epic, Bamboozled. Spike Lee is a gifted director. In one scene, he illustrates stereotypes, financial and cultural exploitation. A fictitious fried chicken franchise hawks what is called a "Gospel Pack." There are a lot of lessons here for this law school mash up.

  6. There is more than a little bit of morbid comedy in the spectacle of ostensibly "liberal" law professors throwing black people into the path of incoming scrutiny like a fighter jet dropping flares into the path of a heat-guided missile.

  7. Vermont Law School has set up a similar arrangement with several historically black colleges, none of which is located anywhere near the Green Mountain State.

    Arizona Summit is not "investing" a red cent in any "scholarships". Said "scholarships" are nothing but discounts off the already outrageous cost of tuition. Agreeing to reduce the bill for some people doesn't constitute an investment.

    Black people should not fall for this white scam. The shitheels who own and operate the InfiLaw chain of scam schools are exploiting Black people for the sake of profit. So, for that matter, are other scamsters who lately have begun to prate about "diversity".