Monday, April 4, 2016

The Only Thing Withering is David Barnhizer's Lingering Credibility

Get a load of this tripe:
Law schools in Ohio and around the Midwest face serious problems, and some may 'wither away,' says a Cleveland State University professor emeritus in a new paper.

"The limited applicant base of the overall Great Lakes/Midwest area, coupled with a saturated employment and earnings market for lawyers compared to the costs of attending law school and career earnings expectations, means that many law schools in the region are in a 'survival of the fittest' mode,"  writes David Barnhizer, a professor emeritus at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.
How many times do we have to say "million dollar degree" for these completely rational, thoroughly researched, and fact-backed viewpoints to be as eradicated as the Mexican grizzly bear!?  Million dollar degree means million dollar degree.  A million dollars in California, a million dollars in Florida, a million dollars in Cleveland.  Million dollars.  From your degree. 

Economic depression in the rust belt?  Million dollar degree.  Static and aging population?  Million dollar degree.  Job saturation with no economic growth?  Million dollar degree.  Tightened governmental budgets?  Million dollar degree.  Top law jobs going to T14 and Ohio State graduates?  Million dollar degree.

This thing's like Teflon, only better because it's backed by top-notch science from leading researchers on the avant garde of occupational statistical legerdemain.  No matter what facts you throw out there, I can now counter "million dollar degree," with maybe a dash of "a law school only provides you the education; what matters it what you do with it."  You have no counter-move, only capitulation to Truth, which beats "truth" like long-term economic trends or labor market realities.

Also, I'll remind you that it's scientifically useless to time law school.  At the same time, I'm going to tell you with a straight face that now is an abnormally great time to go to law school.  Buy now!


  1. It's so nice of the pigs to extend this million dollars to morons with 143 LSAT scores and 2.92 UGPAs. And all for the "bargain" price of $167K in non-dischargeable debt!

  2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingApril 5, 2016 at 6:33 AM

    You fellers miss the point. Your name is Amber Charity and you were born in 1992. You graduated from Central Baptist Torah Tech with a degree in Child Psychology earning a 2.692 GPA. Your first job out of school was working day care at Minne-Subee. It was grody. Especially when little Jabob Michael puked all over you. You now found a new gig at Ross as an assistant manager for shoes. You earn 32K and work 65 irregular hours per week, and most holidays. You are a retail monkey and it is grueling, monotonous work. It is physical too. Once UPS delivers those shoes, you have to stock them. Amber can't take it after 3 months. She can't Snap Chat with her friends and drink wine. What is the answer: LAW SCHOOL!!!! Amber loves warm weather, mom tells her she argues good, so she applies to Thomas Jefferson with her backups as Cooley and Chicago John Marshall. She gets immediate acceptance letters to all three. Amber figures that even if she can't find a law job and hangs a shingle and makes 40K, she is still in a better position. At least she only works 40 hours per week and is an ATTORNEY just like Alicia Floreck drinking lots of wine from Costco. Amber knows her loans are "bullshit" because the Dean at John Marshall told her so with IBR and lots of deferments. End of story.

  3. The only thing keeping these schools afloat is the Federal Loan Gravy Train. Because Federal loans allow any dolt who has nothing else to do to sit out three years of a bad economy on the hope that a Hollywood-glamorous job awaits him on the other side of the bar exam, these schools still fill seats even though the local economy tanked years ago and the middle-class jobs that used to be in the area are now in China and India, and they are not coming back.

    Without the loans, demand for law-school education would have cratered many years ago. I wish the government would stop the loans already. There are enough young people out there who have been ruined by student debt!