Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Las Facultades de Derecho Son Muy Impresionante (a/k/a "The Bar Exam is Racist")

Observant readers will note that this is the second entry in a row where I have used foreign words in the title.  It's an artistically ironic mocking of Donald Trump, who I actually hope gets elected, because if anyone understands what it's like to have a flawed business model about to go under and the need to get bankruptcy protection (student debtors need not apply) and/or a bailout, it's Trump.

In any event, off the coattails of some misguided post at OTLSS regarding racial exploitation by law schools post-downturn, I provide you with this third-party observation regarding Hispanic students:
Law school enrollment has decreased each year since 2010, according to numbers from the American Bar Association (ABA).  That was the all-time high with more than 147,000 students at the 204 ABA-approved schools.  But, there’s an interesting trend taking place amid this overall student reduction: more minority students are being admitted and attending law school.

Hispanics are applying to law school less frequently than in 2010, along with all other groups.  The change is that more Hispanics and other minorites are being accepted.
To get this obnoxious problem out of the way now, let me say it once and for all times:  the bar exam is rayciss!

In fact, it's even more sinister than that.  The non-lawyer media - which, again, has an interest adverse to law school profiteering - is already planting seeds regarding this crop's supposed inferiority.  Buried in this article is the following:
Aaron Taylor of St. Louis University School of Law published research on LSAT scores.  “Schools with higher-median LSAT scores tended to enroll more white and Asian students. Black and Hispanic students were more likely to attend schools with lower median LSAT scores, particularly at private schools.”
As my dear readers know, law students are now harder-working and smarter than ever.  This is particularly true now that law students are as diverse a group as we have ever seen, not just racially, but socioeconomically and intelligence-ly.  We're now diverse in our diversity.

Unfortunately, we also know that bar examiners in various jurisdictions and at the NCBE have bought into the "law school scam" propaganda and have convinced themselves that present groups of students are less able than their whiter and Asianer peers from 2010.

Well I say, "crotchswaggle!"  These kids are taking the exact same classes with an attractively-groomed herd of professors.  They're every bit as able as students in the past.  Why, I would bet that if you polled schools nationwide, law school GPAs have not significantly dropped year over year in core courses.

It's fine and dandy when your artificial policy preferences evidencing hostility towards lawyers disadvantage a small group of would-be lawyers just to stroke your ego with the illusion of "statistical science" and "high standards," but when the law schools are going out of their way to exploit new batches of minorities at the low-LSAT levels and you try and disproportionately stop those groups from being lawyers with the pretense of high-minded paternalism, you're being racist.


Jesus, how many times can I say this word before it becomes true and the bar examiners resign in modern shame and the bar exam is eradicated?  Racist racist racist.

Let's do it in math form, since Ms. Moser and her Merry Band of Humbugs like numbers so fucking much:

Tighter bar examination restrictions on lower-LSAT scorers
+ more diverse student body at the lower end
= racist.
...sure, I mean, the bar exam where this particular complaint is raised hasn't exactly happened yet, but I wanted to set it all forth here because it's exactly where we're heading when some heroic professor looks at the bar exam results and has a mini-stroke when he sees that minorities are failing being denied equal opportunity at faster and faster rates.


  1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJanuary 27, 2016 at 7:37 PM

    Diversity is a positive. I practice in a jurisdiction that openly embraces all comers. Attorneys and Judges of all stripes and backgrounds practice. None, I repeat, none went to any of these correspondence like diploma mill law schools like Cooley, TJLS, or Infii-Law. All went to ranked, traditional schools and passed a difficult bar exam. To lower standards or set up special schools like Indiana Tech in the name of diversity is offensive and degrading to all.

  2. I didn’t realize just how much Spanish was circulating in law school circles. I was always hearing about L-SAC --pronounced “el Sack”-- which I believe may be Spanish for “the scrotum.”

  3. It should be "impresionantes".

    Actually, it should be "horribles", if we edit for content as well as grammar.

  4. Huh. Guess that 3L year in Cabo paid off for your Spanish skills.

    1. I never went on any exchange; I never could have afforded one. I learned Spanish, mainly on my own, in the little Anglo town in the US where I grew up.

  5. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingJanuary 30, 2016 at 6:13 PM

    I have an idea to get into the money game. I am going to open a Special Needs Therapeutic Day Law School with self-contained classrooms. Why not admit students with conduct disorders?