Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Triumph in Cooley's Decline

Don't buy when others buy.  Buy when they're selling.

I give you Cooley Law School, now proudly associated with Western Michigan, because it takes a special school whose prestige is enhanced by affiliating with a third-tier directional college. A very special school:
More than 3,900 students were enrolled at Cooley Law School in 2010. That was the zenith. It’s been downhill since. Cooley’s enrollment for the 2014-15 academic year was 1,880.

That’s a drop of 52%, according to data from Cooley and the American Bar Association.
Will this precipitous drop mean that Cooley is only the 4th or 5th best law school in America?

Who's to blame?  Why, it's worse-but-higher-ranked schools, of course.
“One of the things that schools will do is they’ll start taking students that they wouldn’t have taken in good times,” [Leduc] said. “(They) reach down further into applicant pool. Well, when they do that they’re taking our students, and we’re adversely affected by that.”
But even top-notch legal experts recognize that Cooley is an excellent option for would-be lawyers.
In accepting students other law schools shun, Leiter said, Cooley does provide opportunities for those who have the will to thrive.
Where there's a will, there's a way. Real lawyers know this, and that's why Cooley has been the stealth choice for those confident in their inner barrister for decades.

So Cooley has suffered a bit because people who are dumb enough to read U.S. News decide to go to places like Capital and Detroit-Mercy.  Screw those people.

Embrace being one of the bold few who bucks the trend and gets a stellar education in a half-empty room. People like Brian Leiter know that if you have the will, Cooley will provide you the opportunity to thrive.

After all, is law school anything more than a 3-year Triumph of the Will?

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  1. http://abovethelaw.com/tag/judging-the-law-schools-12th-editition/

    It seems that the TTTT Cooley cockroaches have taken down their link to Judging the Law Schools, where they ranked themselves as the 2nd best law school in the entire nation. Here is the link for their infamous 12th edition.



    Back on October 29, 2012, Don LeDuc posted a TTTT commenTTTTary labeled "Fourth Tier My..." The rodent and his cheesy mustache have been butt-hurt over their distinction of being a laughingstock for years. Yet, now he's crying that better schools - how many can be better than the 2nd best in the country? - are now lowering admi$$ion $tandard$ and taking from his applicant pool.