Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Market Crash = Great Time for Law School!

As I'm writing this blog post, the news wire is reporting that Chinese stocks have dropped another 5% on whatever excuse of a market they have over there. For those of you who aren't educated enough to know such things, Wall Street had a minicrash on Monday.

You might think, "well, shit, not this again," but wait! Remember what happened the last time we had an unprecedented drop in global equities?  That's right, kids, law school applications shot way up!


Because smart applicants know that when the stock market drops, the stock of law school rises dramatically. For all of you who think that the law school bubble is passe, I laugh at your skepticism. HA! The more the market tanks, the more you're going to see the next law school bubble blow up.

And you know who's going to profit most?  People who get in on this gravy train NOW!

Remember, folks, if the gravy train ever stops in your neighborhood, grab a ladle and ride that fucker to your biscuit's content.



  1. The market crash also means that Boomer lawyers will have another excuse to forego retirement for another decade. So next time some Rodent-Pig law dean or professor waxes on about a waive of lawyer retirements, tell them to retire so you can take their job.

    1. Economy's tough, so I guess it's time to go join a shrinking industry run by folks who can't afford to retire!

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