Saturday, June 27, 2015

North Carolina May Dock Flagship School $3M; Scamblogging Likely a False Flag Operation

So there's a controversy brewing in North Carolina over a legislator's move to move $3 million from UNC Law School to some medical training center in the western part of the state.  Given than UNC Law has a budget of around $27 million and this doctor factory has a budget of around $48 million, this is clearly stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

And their attitude?  Cavalier, my friends.
"We all know that the law school can absorb this (cut) and nothing will change," [Sen. Ralph Hise] said.
Imagine other public service institutions being told such things:
"We all know that the homeless shelter for war widows with children who have cancer can absorb this (cut) and nothing will change," he said.
Why is it any less heartless when a school of law is involved in this reverse-Robin-Hooding by wicked and capricious governance?  Is North Carolina lawyers having to absorb the cuts in their loan payments not a problem?

More troubling is that there is speculation the move may be attempted retribution against a presumably tenured faculty member.
Sen. Mike Woodard, D-Durham, said during floor debate the move could be aimed at Gene Nichol, a law school professor who has been a harsh and prominent critic of actions by the General Assembly's Republican majority. A decision in February by the UNC Board of Governors to eliminate a center on poverty at the law school that Nichol heads drew accusations of political payback from Democrats, a charge board members denied. Nichol is still employed at the school.
It's not like it was a secret what they were getting with Nichol when he came back to the faculty.

But let's run with this idea.  Is this really all it takes to get funding slashed at a public law school?  Have one faculty member piss off a few Republicans?  Shit, that's easy.  Just launch an atheist stinkbomb at Christmas or post something on Facebook about using Obamacare's "free abortion" provision.

I know right now knee-jerk liberals are giving them a run for their money with Confederate Flaggate 2015[1], but no group in this county is better at pitchfork anger than a Bible belt-ish social conservative.  And despite avowed belief in the Constitution, they don't believe in academic freedom of speech because universities have been overrun by hyperliberal loonies.

This brings me to amateur law school criticism.  If getting funding slashed is really so easy that it can be done simply by some armchair political sniping, why do these blogs keep talking about student debt, unemployment, and all sorts of other ridiculous sidebar issues?

I'll tell you why and it's because these blogs are false flag operations backed by arch-conservative think tanks.  Think about it.  There's a highly-effective method for getting state funds slashed in becoming political and attacking the right targets.  Yet the "scamblogs" are decidedly apolitical and, in fact, coincidentally attack the soft liberal targets of academe instead.

The only logical conclusion one must make is that these outfits are being bankrolled by conservative activist groups in an astrotrufy attempt to get funding for law schools cut but not by insulting their friends.

This is called logical reasoning, and it's why I scored high enough on the LSAT to get into Yale.  Or something.

Mayor:  Gentlemen, I understand you are here to present both sides of an issue. I wanna hear you both out and do this in a civil and constructive manner so that I can give you both the time and attention you deserve. Jimbo, why don't you begin?

Jimbo:  Mayor, it's about the South Park flag.

Mayor:  Jesus Christ, not this again!


  1. Speaking of Yale:

    Tuition: Full-time law students at the 75th greatest law school in the country, Cardozo, will be charged $54,325 in tuition – for the 2015-2016 academic year. Student fees will add another $570 to the bill. How will the “professors” and administrators be able to make a living at such rates?!?!

    While full-time tuition at TOP RANKED Yale Law $chool – for 2015-2016 – is $55,800. Then again, fees at that in$titution are $2,250. However, there is a Grand Canyon size difference – and that is a conservative estimate – between the benefits of a Yale law degree versus one from Cardozo.

  2. This is not a big deal. A few bake sales should see the school back in the black. Perhaps a 1L v. 3L bake sale or a Law Review v. Moot Court golf scramble? Or perhaps they could have a faculty dunking booth? Pay toilets during finals? All this issue needs is a bit of focus and no one is better at being focused than today's law students.

  3. Hahahaha!

    Fuck this entire country.

  4. To any prospective law students:

    Do not spend a penny on law school until you've learned all you can from all the free sources of information. For example, don't depend on some huckster like Erwin Chemerinsky to teach you about the Obergefell case in a pretentious Con Law class that costs you $5000 in borrowed money. Instead, go to the Supreme Court website--or a hundred others--and read the opinion and all the dissents for yourself.

  5. I'm having trouble summoning outrage.