Saturday, January 17, 2015

Investment Lawyer Says "Buy!" for Legal Education

From some surely-reputable website called "" we get a rap from Edward Klees, a gung-ho investment lawyer:
Supply and demand is starting to favor the law student. With even a little faith in the future, a young lawyer now has a better shot at success.
Truth.  Supply and demand definitely favors the law student.
 They Want YOU! Corporations need lawyers to meet the huge demand for regulation, which soared after the 2008 financial crisis. 
Uncle Sam in the hizzy!  I wish law schools would do more to promote this truth, instead of re-posting discouraging and obviously-fake job listings for non-JD "compliance" folks on job boards.  Everyone knows regulation means lawyer time. may only need a laptop and a phone. Many lawyers with children or a parent to care for have more flexibility than a doctor, dentist or banker. It’s tougher for courtroom lawyers, but even for those folks, much work can be done outside the chambers.
Kids, one of the great advantages of being a lawyer is the how-low-you-can-go game other people like to play with your personal overhead.  Being a lawyer is great because there's no need for all sorts of things that every stable full-time lawyer stubbornly clings to.  I mean, if you're an investment manager or a sales person or a corporate drone, there's just no way you could ever do that with such minimal items.  And if you're an ER doc, you need, like a full exam room with triage and nurses and shit.  Lawyer you just need a laptop and a phone and you've got your ticket for the 98% lottery.
Investment Law. This field didn’t really exist 30 years ago.
Before that, people would do their own IPO paperwork and standard securities filings and compliance shit and Blue Sky lawsuits apparently without legal specialists.  God damn that must have been a dark age.  Than God Congress passed all this regulation that makes lawyers super-duper-employable.
As financial firms have grown and globalized, a once-sleepy area of the law is now a thriving epicenter of the multitrillion-dollar investment world.
Remember Natty the Natural Disaster Gnat's Number One Rule:  When there's an epicenter of a shit-storm, run headlong to the middle of it.
So forget Mr. Robinson and listen to me. But don’t sue me if I’m wrong.
...but definitely copy the expert disclaimer and Boomer movie references. That's how real lawyers do it. 


  1. His stupid article does not accept comments, otherwise he would be lambasted online.

  2. He's a thought leader. It says so on his LinkedIn page.

  3. How low can the salaries go?
    Lebedin Kofman LLP looking for an associate attorney: $38,000.00-$45,000.00 in Manhattan.
    Job in the NY times.
    Downtown Manhattan law firm looking for an associate attorney--entry level to 2 years experience.
    Seeking an admitted attorney, for a promising Associate position in a Debt Defense, Criminal Defense practice. Opportunity for a diligent and dedicated Associate Attorney to gain valuable work experience and further their career with an established firm in Manhattan. The Associate Attorney will be responsible for high volume case load, as well as client interaction.

    Job requirements:
    MUST be admitted to practice in NY.
    EXTREMELY detail oriented
    MUST be able to deal with responsibility of large case load
    HIGHLY organized
    MUST be able to multitask efficiently and effectively

    To be considered, forward:
    Cover letter
    No applications will be considered without ALL these submissions.