Monday, January 26, 2015

"Four Questions" Game Lets New Albany Leader Spread the "Good News"

Here is the Albany Business Review's recent article asking new Albany Law dean (and soon to be President) Alicia Oullette "Four Questions."  For the pea-brained demon dogs at OTLSS, the four questions might be something like this:
1.  The class of 2013 reported 17.3% of your graduates were totally unemployed after 9 months.  Would you agree that the entry-level hiring market thinks you pumped out too many JDs that year?
2.  How many of your graduates landed positions paying more than $150,000, the expected cost of an Albany J.D. with a 50% tuition discount?
3.  A recent report indicated that New York is the 9th most saturated state, with a 3.1-1 graduate-to-job ratio.  Do you agree that New York does not need fifteen law schools to meet market demand?
4.  Will you agree to an independent third-party audit of Albany's employment statistics?  If not, what is the basis of denying consumers transparency?

Instead, thankfully, this is righteous, good, industry-supporting journalism, that asks these four questions:
1.  How will the new position impact the remainder of the academic year?
2.  What else has been a focus?
3.  What is the status of the discussions with Albany Law School [sic]?
4.  What will be a main focus as you undertake the role of president?

And to these softballs, she hits home run after home run, or really just this one:
Admissions across the county are down and Albany Law is no different. We really believe we have terrific offerings for students and the faculty have gotten engaged and the trustees have gotten engaged in getting the good news out to counter the narrative that's out there. We see that our students are getting jobs and they're happy. Because we're the only law school in the capital of New York and because we have an incredible alumni system, our students have been able to get jobs.
Narrative countered!  God knows someone has to sell these kids on making awesome career moves that will begin a 40-year voyage of milk and honey.  They're not going to do it themselves, people.  Get the faculty and trustees involved; these kids are sophisticated and it's going to take a team effort.

Again, a scamblogger might read that paragraph and be like "what the fuck?"  But they probably didn't think through their decision to attend law school, as this current crop of students no doubt has.


  1. "our students are getting jobs" = at least two students every year have had a job at graduation, going back I don't know how many years now...

  2. Theater of the Absurd: "I see... a multitude... in transports... of joy."

    Interview of the Absurd: "We see that our students are getting jobs and they're happy."