Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Charleston Saga, Continued: Seeking New President (Likely JD Advantage!)

It's been some time since we've checked in with Charleston School of Law and its ongoing saga, so let's see...

Here we go!  It looks like their latest President resigned after eight (8) days on the job.  My first reaction:  "What an amazing place, where everyone can accomplish their goals in a little over a week!"

Then I read the piece and learned that proposed leader Maryann Jones stepped down allegedly because of the ongoing Infilaw issues and the one anti-Infilaw director being upset.
In an email sent late Thursday to Kosko, Carr and Abrams, Jones said she decided not to take the reins of the private, downtown law school, and would not sign a contract. "The level of vitriol, with all sides making me a lightning rod for an unfortunate situation that was not of my making, makes this truly a situation that I am unwilling at this stage of my life to undertake." Jones stated in the email.

Westbrook earlier Thursday had sent Jones a letter expressing his disappointment in her speaking to faculty and students in support of a sale to InfiLaw.

To get his vote, Jones had agreed to be objective, and to learn more about alternatives for the school, Westbrook stated.
And this is the problem with discord in general.  It winds up chasing away good people who should know full well what mess they're running into.  Nothing screams "BAIL!" faster than a bunch of  malcontents who want a chief executive to make tough leadership decisions and stick by their word.  Obviously, we can extrapolate from this one situation the idea that the law school critics are a bunch of turds spreading lies and killing the profession.

Clearly, it would be best for Charleston and the apparently-rogue director Mr. Westbrook to simply embrace the Infilaw borg and get out of its way.  Much of this profession is about paths of least resistance.  Raising a fuss at this point is just driving away good people and delaying orgasm. 

And if you truly cared about the school, you wouldn't be driving away good people (including, of course, Infilaw and its finely-tuned machinery), would you?

Speaking of which, what kind of a "for profit" school looks for a "non profit" future?  That's like turning Philip Morris into a lung cancer institute.

Oh, well, saga continues.  Spoiler alert:  Infilaw wins.

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