Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fashion Law: Tailored for Awesomeness

A lot of the "legally blonde" fans who enroll in law school to be the next Elle Woods likely turn their nose up when the time comes to get a job or pick an actual area of practice.  Corporate law?  Family law?  People getting injured and stuff?  Ew!

Thankfully, there's an exciting and underserved niche in fashion law.  There is a rash of budding entrepreneurs looking to be the next Yves Saint-Laurent, and the John Marshall Law School is willing to sew up the gap.
The John Marshall Fashion Law Society is the first Fashion Law Society in the Midwest....

On Nov. 20, The Fashion Law Society is focusing their efforts on educating current and potential business owners in the fashion industry. The event will feature presentations from John Marshall’s Trademark Clinic and Patent Clinic regarding Intellectual Property issues as they relate to design. There will also be a presentation from John Marshall’s Business Enterprise Law Clinic of information about business entities and agreements that are essential for proper industry business dealings.

Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to participate in client intake interviews with the law clinics presenting at the event.
Obviously, Marshall is on to something, having the first such society and identifying this budding niche.  If you're one of those law school girls who likes shiny and expensive things, you should consider specializing in this area.  Who knows where this open-toed road leads?  In-house counsel at Coach?  Legal beagle for Marie Claire?  Niche criminal defense attorney who defends crimes against fashion?  (Drab black robe again, your honor?)

Without law schools, would the market be able to identify such a "niche" of legal practice while it's busy helping oil companies and banks, evicted tenants and single mothers?  This is a prime example of a law school meeting an unmet need and providing (subsidized? pro bono?) clinical resources to assist in filling it.

Speaking of law schools producing good things that are hip and sexy and smooth, here's Larry Mitchell doing poetry.  (Poetry requires an understanding of semantics, interpretation, and structural relationships; it is clearly JD Advantage!)


  1. So John Marshall has the first fashion law society in the Midwest? Great.

    I happen to know of another law school that has been focusing on fashion law for years. Anyone care to guess which one? Hint: it's not in the Midwest.

  2. Good find, hilarious write-up. Obviously, nobody should make a fashion statement without consulting with counsel.

    The JMLS Fashion Law Society has its own logo-- a stick figure of a runway model carrying a large scales of justice.

  3. Perhaps, these dolts can bring back the dress fashions that John Marshall rocked in the early days of the republic. Who wouldn't want to see mutton chop sideburns, big-ass collared coats, and white kerchiefs?!?! Hell, bring back powdered wigs for the politicians in black robes.

  4. Surely international fashion corporations will now decide to hire 4T John Marshall grads that have these extremely valuable certificates instead of ivy league big law lawyers.

  5. There was an article that ran about four or five months ago on JMLS. It's pretty clear that the school does not give a flying flip about what happens to their students once they graduate.

    It's the law school equivalent of a job that sucks. JMLS basically says "if you can get into a better law school, go right ahead."

    Protip-- there are very limited jobs in "fashion law," and the existing ones don't go to JMLS grads

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    1. Emily Jane needs an international law solicitor!

  7. JMLS continues to crack me up, although they are hardly alone in this. What was once, a Boomer time ago, a respectable Chicago option is now reduced to shilling this kind of pipe-dream dreck in 2014 to the federal student loan conduits. The times, they are a'changin'.

  8. The question must be asked though. Is a JD from John Marshall Law School in Chicago now fashionable on a resume? I was assuming that it wasn't, but maybe it is in this year.