Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SUPER Lawyers Go to SUPER Law Schools

Everyone who actually practices law knows that SuperLawyers is the real deal when it comes to rating lawyers.  If your attorney isn't a SuperAttorney, you're getting SuperScrewed in the SuperAss.

Business Insider agrees:
"Super Lawyers" is a respected rating service for lawyers, so in a sense, the infographic tells you which law schools produced the best lawyers in a region. 
The results are surprising.
Favorite revelations from the referenced InfoGraphic:

  • Wayne State > Michigan in Michigan
  • Quinnipiac > Yale in Connecticut
  • Suffolk dominates R.I. and is > Harvard or Boston U. in Massachusetts
  • Temple and Nova > UPenn
  • Depaul > UChicago or Northwestern
  • IU-Indy > IU-Mauer or Notre Dame
  • Denver > Colorado
  • It's appropriate to bunch Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma together, but Delaware, Alaska, and Upstate New York each get their own lists.
  • Biloxi, Mississippi, is apparently in the "Mid South"
  • No SuperLawyers live in mountainous areas or boring flatlands.  You wouldn't either if you were making eight figures a year!
This has been another edition of Law Schools You Should Definitely Attend and Helpful Geographic Information

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  1. Eight figures?!! That's $10 million a year!!

    I wanna be a SuperLawyer(TM) too. Quinnipiac here I come!!