Wednesday, January 10, 2018

On Arizona Summit: You Maniacs, You're Blowing It Up

One day, a million gazillion years from now, our descendants - malformed from a tortured re-evolution path within an irradiated (but just!) dust-bowl planet after we wipe ourselves out with nukes and viruses - will want to know what happened.

They will dig in the sand and eventually they will discover a law school called Arizona Summit.  And in their primitive English-gruntspeak dictionary, they will see what "summit" means and they will know that it was the greatest law school in the history of law schools. 

Their historians will theorize, speculate, and keep digging.  When figuring out what went wrong and how they can avoid our decaying fate, they will see articles such as this flushed turd:
A letter from Barry Currier, the ABA's managing director of Accreditation and Legal Education, said the school is not in compliance with an ABA financial standard that states "the current and anticipated financial resources available to the law school shall be sufficient for it to operate in compliance with the standards and to carry out its program of legal education."

The ABA is asking school officials to submit a financial report by Feb. 1 and to appear before the accrediting committee again in mid-March.
They will wonder at our peculiar cultural rituals, our administrative meddling song-and-dance, and be baffled at the hurdles we placed before august institutions who merely want to train aspirants to live in line with our most important virtues at a reasonable government-funded profit.

"But father," a child will say, "could they not see the folly of fascist educational policies?"
"No, child," the father will say, "they felt that legal training could only be done at schools that were financially viable and rigorous enough to produce qualified practicing lawyers."
"What silly times, papa!  No wonder their society collapsed."
"Indeed.  Now we are enlightened, and give everyone a graduate level education in the ways of justice."
"If only we had a time machine to guide them away from darkness!"

I don't understand how you can undercut federal funding and then get mad when the institutions lack sufficient "financial resources."  And doesn't this undercut the argument that law schools are filthy rich?

It's a mad world, and you're all maniacs.  Hopefully whatever deformed, inbred donkey-boner finds this in the remnants of some fossilized server knows I'm one of the good guys.  We tried, Gaug-Vrax.  Oh how we tried.

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  1. You are insolent per se. Get off the Internet!

    Think of all the ag inspectors and DMV supervisors who have benefitted from the opportunities provided by Arizona Summit, especially the opportunity to transfer to Arizona State if they avoid any D's in their first-year classes.

    And all you want to do is ridicule this formerly wonderful school and its desperate stakeholders. Preposterous.