Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mission Accomplished, Dean Chemerinsky

Less than a decade ago, Erwin Chemerisnky lived every administrative academic's dream and founded a vanity project pile-on graduate school in a swank, college-stuffed metro area that bears the name of a public institution with a pricetag that screams prestige.  He went the extra mile and pledged to get it ranked instantly higher than schools that actually have a historical presence and track record beyond giving out free tuition and buttering up the judiciary.

Now, with U.C.-Irvine up, running, and ranked sort-of well enough, it's time for the Dean to take his show elsewhere.
UC Irvine Law School's founder and dean, Erwin Chemerinsky, will take the helm of the UC Berkeley School of Law on July 1, it was announced Wednesday.

The renowned constitutional legal scholar's new appointment comes nearly 10 years after his hiring as dean at UCI and several months after National Jurist magazine honored him as the "most influential person in legal education in the United States."
Personally, I think the IT guy who manages the website where the little guppies sign their MPNs is the most influential person in legal education, but Chemerinsky makes a great second place candidate.

As we've seen from Indiana Tech, the insolent masses sometimes fail to understand how necessary it is to carpet-bomb the world with indentured lawyers who spread justice like raining hellfire from the mouths of warmongering demons.  Our domestic tranquility depends upon it.

Dean Chemerinsky, being a constitutional scholar, got that high-level thinking.  He showed the world that, yes, if you look at it from various views other than the working attorney's, we did need another law school in California, and with Whittier graciously exiting, there is now an even greater need for other institutions to milk these little wieners dry.  To do that where others have failed and play the rankings game like you're fucking Washington & Lee?

That's dope, friends.  Straight-outta-Irvine dope.  

Chemerinsky has earned his promotion.  And so, just like the small fraction of UC-Irvine students who likewise use Irvine as a launchpad to the top tier, we wish him the best, and thank him for accomplishing his mission.  It may have had no basis in the "rational" world, but it's still a mission.  And he did it.  Mostly.

Scam on.


  1. I'm sure it was always the end goal for him. Now, he can take on "the Establishment" even harder.

  2. And he did it with your money, he did it with my money, and he did it with Other People's Money (and he got his wife paid, too, with OPM). Scam on, indeed.

  3. "Mission Accomplished" also has to include the election of Donald Trump. According to the recent PRRI/The Atlantic survey (see one of the principal features of Trump white working class voters is that they believe that a college education is a risky gamble rather than a good investment. While the working class women split 50/50 on this issue, working class men 61% to 39% believed that college education is risky. So for everyone who participates in the education scam of which the law school scam is the apex preditor, thanks for creating class insecurity and socio-political upheaval. You've cerrtainly done your part by creating hordes of the heavily indebted and unemployed.

  4. This Chemerinsky shitheel promised that Tier 4 toilet UC Irvine would make the "top 20" at You Ass News right off the bat. It didn't. In other words, he failed at his goal, which was a positively stupid goal anyway.

    So who could be more deserving of the dean's office at a Tier 3 institution?

  5. And, the Great and Powerful Chem flies off in his balloon....