Friday, April 4, 2014

Proud Capital Graduate Supports Lawyers from Lower Tiers

Sometimes, the claim is lodged that ordinary working lawyers are out of touch with the realities of legal education and young lawyers entering practice today.  Pish-posh.  Thank goodness we've got gentlemen like this writing into The Careerist to defend the sacred honor and virtue of fine institutions of legal education:
How many excellent lawyers would not be practicing if they had followed this advice [to not attend a school outside the top 100]?...I disagree that anyone who wants a “decent job” should “draw the line at the top 50,” and that those choosing to attend schools ranked lower than 100 should “come to their senses.” 
Because state courthouses are full of fourth-tier graduates doing good work for their clients in "decent jobs," it naturally follows that it's a good idea to enroll in a fourth-tier institution if you want to do good work like that.  This is a thoroughly logical, well-thought conclusion that could withstand the pathetic assault by "elitists" who think it's a bad idea.  What's that word they like to use?  Debt?  Shit, I've got a word for you in response:  irrelevant.  GO TO A COURTHOUSE AND ASK AROUND.  Everyone there went to 3rd and 4th-tier schools.  So you can OBVIOUSLY go to a 3rd or 4th tier school today and you will be okay.  Christ on a Chrysler, how many times do I have to explain this?

Thankfully, the writer also provides graduates with some helpful advice:
I would advise those attending lower ranked schools that they will need to be both aggressive and creative in their job search. That means networking early on in your law school career. It means being willing to work for $40,000 (or less) at your first job. You may even have to take a risk and hang out your own shingle.  
However, if you have a passion for law and really want to be a lawyer, do not “come to your senses” and deprive society of a quality attorney—we need more of them, not less.
PREACH ON, MY 4TH TIER BROTHA.  YOU, you considering law school and reading this informative blog, YOU are going to be a quality attorney and even if you have to "hang a shingle" or work for a "meager" 40k, YOU are being selfish if you deprive the world of a future quality attorney and decline going to a fourth-tier school like Capital.

Any questions from today's lesson?  No?  Good.

Next time, I hope to continue Scam Madness!, as it's one of this blog's most popular features.  I had a bit of a "crisis of scam" in Round 4, as I couldn't decide what criterion to use. THERE'S SO MANY.


  1. They always say "if you are passionate about the law...."

    Are all of the unemployed lawyers simply less passionate about the law?

    I read the article. There was not a single mention of "debt" or "jobs available." It was the usual (1) network early, (2) be willing to work for a shit salary, and (3) hang up your own shingle.

    How about if you are passionate about having a meal now and then?

  2. Typical shitboomer nonsense. Fat-assed boomers from toilet law schools are sitting on legal jobs; therefore, anyone going into law today can do the same. No consideration of the dramatic change in conditions over time.

    1. Entirely correct.

      Boomers with inferior credentials in the majority of cases at that. But they are the ones sitting in the jobs. Not the unemployed grad of today with $150-200 grand of non-dischargeable debt. They rode the economic wave. The only "wave" available to today's grads is to wave goodbye to any sort of debt-free, middle-class lifestyle. That dream is dead as stone. So, as if its not bad enough to be dealing with these fool Boomers, they have their own cohorts to compete against for the scraps. Let me sum up: There's NOTHING out there for you, Lemmings. You want to win the Game? Avoid the Trap by choosing not to attend law school in the first place.

  3. DO NOT pay your ABA dues. They continue to authorize limitless numbers of new law school graduates.

    1. Boycott the ABA. Joining your own state bar is all you need to practice.